The Odd Couple Make a Date


The date will have passed by now, but when writing this it was still future business. December 12th 2019 is the general election after which probably one of these two men will form the government of the UK. One contender is said to be a highly educated buffoon of doubtful morality the other a straight-laced ideologue who hates Israel and our nation’s history.

On this morning, Dec. 4th 2019  my wife Jennie informed  me that as far as she could discern virtually everyone writing about politics on Facebook is anti Boris Johnson and anti Conservative. This may be an exaggeration, even untrue, but it is interesting nevertheless since one thing is true, very few conservatives are prepared to go on social media and spout their enthusiasm for right wing causes or the party of Boris. Left wing causes seem somehow to be endowed with the halo of righteousness. And I freely admit partly for good reason: the instinct to raise the standards of living and give opportunities to the poor and the disadvantaged is a very good cause. However when a cause becomes ideological it becomes malign, and those being cared for and lifted up may become ammunition used to accuse conservatives of heartlessness. That to conserve the status quo means that I care only about myself and damn the hindmost. Personally I believe that is a lie.

Corbyn’s Labour Party

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has veered far from its decent working class roots. I would like to point out that if you are a Corbyn supporter you are the admirer of a Marxist. And that fact alone should cause you to think. The extreme left in politics thinks the State should control near everything. I suggest if you are attracted to this form of political expression you look into the history of Marxism / Communism, and note that every country that has seriously tried this experiment has been reduced to a basket case economy, led by brutal dictators who were responsible for the greatest mass murders in history: Stalin and Mao Tse Tung being top of the pile. These two examples in terms of numbers of deaths eclipse even the Nazi regime; rightly said to be just about as evil a movement as can be imagined. But the history of the extreme left seems to get a free pass. To get an overview of communism at work please read Animal Farm and see how Marxism works to transform society. This book’s author, George Orwell was a socialist; but clear eyed and not so blinded by prejudice that he could not see the terrors of socialism in the hands of Stalinist’s. In Orwell’s story the chief pig, whose name was Napoleon took dictatorial charge of the farmyard. He was based on Stalin, the  ruler of the Soviet Union. He began implementing crazy economic plans devised by Lysenko, his director of the Soviet Union’s Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. By applying communist principles regarding agriculture in the Ukraine one group of working class peasant workers was set against another: the Kulaks. The result? six million deaths through starvation and the almost unimaginably brutal imprisonment in the infamous Gulags. You can read more and watch videos about this on page three of Articles under the title, The Red Terror.

Corbyn’s Labour party is fuelled from beneath by Momentum, which is a radical socialist movement bent on changing our society out of all recognition. If you think Boris is dangerous then look to your left and shudder at what could come. Corbyn is a fanatic who has sided with the IRA, with terrorists like Hamas, a group that wants Israel expunged from the earth. He may be an armchair socialist at this moment, but give him power and watch everything most of you care about fade into history. Unless of course you are an ideologue, in which case you may not even notice the storm clouds gathering around our nation. In the video below you can watch the Labour Party Conference demonstrating that the red flag is not the only one it favours. The Palestinian flags are being waved. Little wonder Jews are scared and anti-Semitism is an issue. It is not easy to hate the state of Israel, side with its enemies, and then feel and act kindly towards those the state State of Israel, which was intended to protect and envisaged as a refuge for the Jews. Labour cares nothing for this deep need of a homeland, but they care deeply over the Palestinian issue. Violent terrorist groups like Hamas raise the same flags as those being held aloft at the 2018 Labour Conference. The waving of this flag is listed on You-Tube as originating from the Wimborne Labour Party. I could hardly believe it when I noted the source, since we lived in Wimborne Dorset from 1976 to 2004. But believe it or not here it is in all its ghastly menace. The Labour Party under Corbyn has become hated filled, and its targets tell you everything needed to make a judgement about them.


It is often forgotten that Israel is not only fighting a war for survival but is surrounded by enemies. Missiles are fired by both sides, civilians die and the arguments about who is more to blame are beyond the scope or of this article. I just suggest that if a neighbouring country to us were intent on destroying us we also might respond aggressively in defence. It is well known that to attack Hamas or Hezbollah will inevitably involve civilian casualties. These terror groups deliberately place and fire their weapons in areas filled with non combatants. It needs to be remembered that Israel is the only country, the only homeland Jews have, and it is tiny. Until then they had been scattered across the world and heavily persecuted. Arab lands in contrast are vast. It was on May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv that the Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel. The first Jewish state in about 2,000 years. Ben-Gurion became Israel’s first premier. Fighting broke out between Jews and Arabs immediately following the British army withdrawal earlier that same day: May 14th. Egypt launched an air assault against Israel that evening. This war is ongoing, and it takes many different forms, such as training up future generations in the art of hate. Please watch the video below.


How is it possible to negotiate any kind of peace treaty with people who are teaching their primary school age to kill and hate Jews?

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