Global Flood…Fact or Fiction


The Origin of Deep Time and Millions of Years

This theory 0f deep time was not based on science. It relies on a series of assumptions that began right here…at Siccar point in Scotland in 1788.

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It is with James Hutton, the father of geology that the long ages and millions of years belief began to form. This was long before Darwin published his famous Origin of Species in 1859. While looking at the rock strata at Siccar Point a friend and colleague of his, John Playfair remarked that “the mind seemed to grow giddy by looking so far into the abyss of time” 

From this experience Hutton developed the idea of Deep Time. Was this science or was it just a feeling, an emotional response, a stab in the dark? An entire theory based on assumptions took hold of geology and never let go. Why? maybe because alongside this developing theory was another that desperately needed deep time and long ages. And that was the burgeoning theory of Evolution. One which could not work without millions if not billions of years. 

There was a second reason. Another belief system hostile to Darwinism had to discredited. People still believed their historic faith which included Genesis: six days of creation, a global flood, and a Creator God who made it all. Now those who either hated or were sceptical of the biblical account could look elsewhere for answers. Everything could be explained by simple processes and deep time. Unnoticed in all this was the fact that there was not a fig leaf to cover the lack of science. James Hutton, the Father of Geology had reached the first two stages, or maybe only one and a half of the scientific method. He never got beyond it, because the main test bed for evolutionary theory is Radiometric Dating. A test which  only first began to be used 1905. It is a method by which to determine the age of the Earth. Evolutionists argue that the matter of how life on earth came to be has been established and proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The Scientific Method is laid out below.

  • Define purpose.
  • Construct hypothesis.
  • Test the hypothesis and collect data.
  • Analyse data.
  • Draw conclusion.
  • Communicate results. 

Richard Feynman a great and much respected scientist who majored on telling the truth and doing your level best to falsify your own theory in the cause of truth said this: “If It disagrees with experiment, its wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science.” None of the three greats of science who laid the basis of evolutionary theory did anything scientific by was of experiment to find fault with their theory.

James Hutton’s  visit to Siccar Point led to a profound change in the way the history of the Earth was understood. He began to argue for a much greater length of geological time than was popularly accepted. A concept of ‘deep time’ emerged with the recognition that the geological processes occurring around us today had operated over a long period and would continue to do so into the future. Proof of this: there was nothing at all. It had no more substance than an aboriginal dream-time experience. 

Time passed and the next great man appeared and muddied the water still further. He was Charles Lyell’s and his great work was the book: Principles of Geology, published in 1830. The main point of the book is that the forces of geological change that have been shaping Earth for millennia are observable today.

Lyell’s most memorable quote is: The Present is the Key to the Past.

A catastrophic flood was replaced by Uniformitarianism: a theory which states that geological history has resulted from the action of continuous and uniform processes. Lyell heavily influenced and encouraged Charles Darwin. He was reading Lyell’s book while on the ship Beagle which took him to the Galapagos Islands. Darwin died in 1882. The first time an actual scientific procedure was applied to these huge assumptions was 1905; subsequent to this date all three of the men who had put evolutionary theory together were whistling in the dark. Nothing by way of what we would call modern science, which should have included: testing the hypothesis and collecting and analysing data, had been done. In fact until the 1950’s Darwinism was in so much trouble it had to be resuscitated and renamed as Neo Darwinism. Neo-Darwinism is generally used to describe the integration of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection with Gregor Mendel’s theory of genetics.  Today Neo Darwinism is locked into evolution via genetic mutations. Mutations are at best neutral in their effects. Outside that neutrality the record is of genetic damage up to and including early death. An example from personal experience; mutations have caused my prostate cancer.

All cancer is the result of gene mutations. Mutations may be caused by ageing, exposure to chemicals, radiation, hormones or other factors in the body and the environment. Over time, a number of mutations may occur in a single cell, allowing it to divide and grow in a way that becomes a cancer.

Genetic mutations are not good news. That Darwinism relies upon them to create the diversity required for novel selections says something. Its like looking upwards and searching for a solution to a problem while walking downwards into the darkness of a pit. In conclusion, how do you solve a problem with the theory of evolution? Look for answers in the most dangerous area of genetics. That Neo Darwinism has  been forced to choose this route is a demonstration of how desperate evolutionists are. Squaring a circle is a tricky business. 

Evidence for the Flood / Dinosaurs buried globally!

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Over the years, Carrano has had help from students and colleagues, but still, organizing the data has ‘been a lot of work,’ he explained. 'Basically, we use present-day locations to place fossils on a modern map, and then use geological calculations to determine where these places would have been “back in the day” when the dinosaurs were alive,’ Carrano told

God’s intention was to kill all human and air breathing animal life on earth with the exception of those on the Ark. That being so what would you expect to find? Something like what is recorded in the graphics above. 

Scientists have created a massive database of fossils discovered all around the world in a painstaking project that covers 165 million years of dinosaur evolution. Or 6000 years if you believe the Bible is an accurate, historical account. Describing how God first filled the earth with humans and animals of every kind, and then due to the total corruption of humankind wiped all land based life out apart from those Noah took into the Ark prior to the Flood. It is the ultimate example of starting over again. 

The Paleobiology Database encompasses all known dinosaur species, with more than 2,000 types represented across every continent on Earth. Scientists have created a massive database of fossils discovered all around the world, in a painstaking project that covers 165 million years of dinosaur evolution. A remarkable interactive map visualising the data allows users to explore nearly 8,000 discovery sites, revealing information on what could be as many as 25,000 dinosaur fossils.

This information alone should make Christians who deny the global flood think again. Only water could have done this, and the evidence is undeniably global. But what about those which seem to be buried at sea according to the graphics above?

Dinosaurs buried at sea. More evidence of a flood that was global

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The magazine Scientific American has an article relating to a dinosaur buried at sea, and at the end of the article it mentions others as well. It describes a sauropod dinosaur, a herbivore which lived on land during the  Cretaceous period. It was found buried in mudstone and the article added that there was no doubting that this Austrosaurus dinosaur was buried in the ocean, not much of it was left, the torso was the only remaining part of its fossilisation. Dinosaurs could turn into inflated balloons. In this state they could be carried on rivers and floods great distances. As in this case into an ocean. The article goes on to say that other dinosaurs have been found buried in sediments. So there is nor reason to doubt the graphic above which shows dinosaur fossils scattered around the seas and oceans

Another example from Italy. After dying, the dinosaur  Saltriovenator somehow floated into the sea and sank to the bottom. There the remains provided meals to numerous sea creatures before fossilising, the researchers said.

Saltriovenator elements.png

The bones show marks likely left by attacking sharks and fish. They also show signs of feeding by smaller creatures, such as sea urchins. And there are small holes in the bone apparently left by even smaller marine worms. 


How Are Fossils Formed?

It is not easy to become a fossil, especially if you are a large animal.  You need to be buried very fast and so completely that nothing can get to you, not predatory animals or even bacteria. Buried and turned to rock is the normal life and death story of a fossil. As you can see below, being fossilised in the act of taking your lunch must have happened quickly.

The website: gives a good account of how fossils are created. That dinosaurs of great size have also been fossilised proves that burial must have involved monumental amounts of sediment.

Image result for fossilised dinosaurs

Were they all killed by an angry God. The cause of this anger? A creation which had through the perpetual wickedness of its human overseers left no other option than to start all over again. Here is a biblical story about starting over again, a potter whose work spoils in his hands. There seems nothing wrong about this, because any creator of anything has absolute rights over his or her creation. it would not exist without the creative craftsmanship which formed the object. God understand this perfectly as this story demonstrates. 

Jeremiah 18 v 1 – 4.

‘The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying: “Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words.” Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel. And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make.

That is the right of any creator over anything they have created.

Christians Who Have Lost Their Way


Geology is used to discredit Genesis and once Genesis has been tipped over the rest of the Bible will follow. 

Here is what I believe to be a false statement from a Christian source. I found it really shocking even though I had heard it before. The Universe, the Six Days of Creation, the goodness of the original Creation, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden and the origin of Sin; Cain and Abel, The corruption that fell upon the whole earth, God’s judgement through a Flood whose intention was to wipe out all land animal and human life with the exception of Noah and his family, the Tower of Babel, the confusing of languages, the the dispersion of the human and animal populations to the furthest corners of the earth. All gone, due to one horrifying fact, lack of faith in God and his Word.

The following is from:

The Bible Timeline – Old Testament

< Pre-History /  2,000 B.C.

2,000 B.C. – Events of Genesis 1-11

The Patriarchs: 2,000 – 1,750 BC

2,000s – Abraham’s life and covenant with God

1,900s – Isaac’s life

1,800s − Jacob’s life

1,750 − Joseph’s life and God’s people move to Egypt

Genesis chapters 1- 11 are placed into pre-history. I can hardly imagine a greater lie. Effectively wiping out the first eleven chapters as myth and implying that biblical history begins with Abraham. Many of the people and events mentioned in chapters 1-11 are referenced as being real and significant in many the subsequent books of the Old and New Testaments. Jesus and Paul are just two who speak about and teach from scriptures that many Christians describe as pre-history. In other words myths. The Creation account is a myth, Eden is a myth, the origin of sin is a myth, the Flood becomes a myth, the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth are myths, Babel is a myth, the confusion of languages and the dispersal of mankind all over the globe. . And yet many references to these historical markers are used by New Testament writers, and these include Jesus and the Apostle Paul. I am going to try to convince you that if the flood described in such detail through Genesis ch’s 6-9  is a myth then huge parts of what we do know to be true about the history and geology of the earth has no good explanation. This I hope will be demonstrated by what follows.

Flood Stories

Some are as mad as the Mad Hatter, but you can still hear echoes from the original Genesis account.

Why has this Bible story rather than any other gone global? That might be a good question to ask.  

If it had been spread by early Christian evangelists then why do stories about Moses or Jesus not appear in any of them? Answer: because this story belongs to the period of those who scattered across the globe following the dispersal from Babel. This is the one story that should have been burned into their memories. Over time this story, like any other often retold account of anything will get muddled over the generations. Like Chinese whispers, each time it was retold bits of the original fell out and the gaps filled by myths. The God they once knew was supplanted by cultural gods and spirits and the flood stories corrupted. 

Here is an Eskimo story.

Noah invited all animals to save themselves aboard his ark, but the mammoths thought there would not be much of a flood and that their legs were long enough to deal with it, so they stayed outside and became extinct. The other animals believed Noah and were saved.

 This in my view explains the stories quoted above. A true account reduced to near idiocy by constant retelling and the inevitable erosion of almost every fact. In the end the only account that makes sense and reads like a captains log from a voyage in modern times in the biblical account.

Evolutionists do now believe in Catastrophes and Floods, but…only if they result from an asteroid strike on Earth, then floods are allowed 

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Here is quote from the National Geographic: Mere minutes after a miles-wide asteroid slammed into Earth 66 million years ago, a hailstorm of tiny glass beads rained down on a flooding estuary in what’s now North Dakota. As seismic waves from the impact thrashed the water, plants and animals were jumbled up and buried in the shifting sediments, which preserved the aftermath for millennia. 

It could well be that asteroid or meteor strikes added to the traumas inflicted on our planet during the shaking of the earth and the Flood.

What was the Earth like before the Flood trashed it?

Image result for subtropical landscapes or paradise

‘Eighty million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert was a dinosaur’s paradise of vast valleys, freshwater lakes and a humid climate. Mammal-eating velociraptors, lizard-hipped sauropods and spike-armoured ankylosaurs could have been spotted roaming in what are now the Martian red sandstone spires of Bayanzag’s Flaming Cliffs.’

Quote from BBC Science and Environment 2019

It must have been inferior to the Garden of Eden, but to us it would have still seemed a like paradise. Here are three short quotes from the National Geographic which should make all of us stop and think!

Archaeological evidence of past settlements is abundant in the middle of what are arid, unproductive areas of the Sahara today. This evidence includes rock paintings, graves, and tools. Fossils and artefacts show that lime and olive trees, oaks, and oleanders once bloomed in the Sahara. Elephants, gazelles, rhinos, giraffes, and people used stream-fed pools and lakes.

An international scientific team which has been drilling beneath the bed of the Arctic Ocean says it enjoyed a sub-tropical climate 55 million years ago. The Arctic Coring Expedition (Acex) has recovered sediment cores from nearly 400m (1,300ft) below the sea floor. It says fossilised algae in the cores show the sea temperature was once about 20 C, instead of the average now, -1.5C.

‘Decomposing plants and other organisms, buried beneath layers of sediment and rock, have taken millennia to become the carbon-rich deposits we now call fossil fuels. These non-renewable fuels, which include coal, oil, and natural gas, supply about 80 percent of the world’s energy. They provide electricity, heat, and transportation, while also feeding the processes that make a huge range of products, from steel to plastics.’

Fossil Fuels: Oil, Coal and Natural Gas. Where do they come from and what created them and how?

Image result for fossil fuels

What other than this subtropical environment and a global flood that buries all of a sub tropical world filled with plant and animal life. This accounts for the fossil fuels which have kept the world energised for thousands of years.Why are these fuels non renewable? Because no power on earth is capable of reproducing what the global flood laid down during its one year destruction of plants and animals.

Loads of Water Can Do More Than You Might Think

Floods that are not global can act like a template for something vastly greater. A flood can be sediment loaded. These are called turbidity currents and they are known to create some of the greatest canyons on earth: both on land and underwater. The Channelled Scablands of Washington State and the Monterey submarine canyon. Turbidity currents can operate both underwater and across land.  They often have a “snow-balling-effect” stirring up the ground over which they flow, in the process gathering even more sedimentary particles in their current. Their passage leaves the ground over which they flow scoured and eroded. An example of this are the Channelled Scablands formed when Glacial Lake Missoula emptied itself in a vast flood. This video gives an idea of the scale and an appreciation of what the sudden draining of a glacial lake can accomplish in a day or two. 

As regards how the geology of the earth was formed and by what mechanism and over what period of time it took, needless to say the book of Genesis takes a very different view. Genesis states that much of the earth as it appears today was caused by a global flood and eruptions from beneath the earth’s crust. Yes there is a fair amount of water deep beneath us. Gleeson, a hydrogeologist at the University of Victoria in Canada and his team report that there are 6 quintillion gallons of groundwater in the upper 1.2 miles of the Earth’s crust. If you could magically pump it all out of the ground and spread it across the continents, it would form a layer of water 600 feet high. So when it is written in Genesis that…. ‘In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month–on that day all the springs ( fountains) of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.’ On that basis you can take it that a lot of water was involved. 

This mega cataclysm took place over a single year. With it came the resulting climate change, ice age and later the thawing of the ice and the aftershocks. The secondary floods caused by the melting and release of huge glacial lakes, like the one which flooded Washington State scoured out of the Channelled Scablands. But floods on such a scale were not welcomed by the establishment which ruled over unwanted explanations such as talk of floods. The geologist Harlen Bretz, ( 1882 – 1981 ) became a lone voice, a worrisome and tenacious critic of the ruling elites in the Geological Society of Washington. For decades he claimed that immense, cataclysmic floods had created unusual landscapes in America’s Pacific Northwest. These were dismissed by other geologists. They only accepted geology that involved slow, gradual changes. Bretz was worse than a critic and seen as a heretic. Now he is honoured as one of the greats by an establishment that once ridiculed his water borne theory. Nevertheless lessons learned are soon forgotten. Vast quantities of fast moving sediment laden waters forming canyons are still not popular. Submarine canyons are of course another matter, but those above sea level like the Grand Canyon are usually attributed to millions of years of slow erosion. 

This is a map of the full extent of the power of moving water over this huge area. It would have occurred after the global flood. One reason for believing that is the total lack of fossils. I have searched the internet but have failed to find mention of any animal fossils in the face of such a huge sediment laden flood. Marine fossil of some types would be expected. The lack of animal fossilisation would be a surprise, but not if there had been no animals around to fossilise. Why? because they were all wiped out. Re population of the earth after the global flood would I guess have taken a few centuries.

One final question: how big are the Scablands in comparison to the Grand Canyon? Answer, slightly larger. Scablands 2000 square miles. Grand Canyon 1900 square miles. 

Image result for what is the weight of the erratics found in channelled scablands

Here is an informative video telling the story of how it happened. It involves a wall of water 800 feet high moving at speeds of maybe sixty miles an hour.


From First to Last

From little known ancient creatures buried in the earliest rock layers to modern animals like dogs, horses and sabre toothed tigers buried in the most recent rock layers.

We have been taught that the geologic column and the history of the earth is the product of hundreds of millions of years. The method being a long slow processes of deposition and erosion. The Tertiary layer at the top is separated from the trilobite in the Cambrian 425 million years. And yet to come is a story that bridges that gap in a way that makes the evolutionary myth hard to maintain. 

Image result for geologic column

Suppose the trilobite in the Cambrian layer turned up in the recent life layer called the Cenozoic or Tertiary, because it has a major role to play in this argument against the accepted evolutionary explanations for the history of the earth. 

Searching For The Silver Bullet

A long time ago while studying this subject I prayed to God asking if there was a way to shake the foundations of evolutionary theory and to totally destroy its credibility. To do that its foundations need to be falsified in such a way that it can never rise again. The foundation I have in mind is the story of the millions and billions of years that are so vital to evolutionary theory.

It is a prayer I believe God answered. And the following is what I discovered. This is not a rehashed creationist argument, it is entirely new as far as I am aware. To my knowledge this has never even appeared in Creationist literature. And the information was supplied by evolutionists. None of this has appeared in the two or three huge creationist organisations: Answers in Genesis being the most famous. The reason few if any discovered it outside those with the intent and influence to bury it forever is a story in itself. It disappeared within a few weeks of publication and was never mentioned again. So if it was not picked up immediately it would pass by unnoticed. From the evolutionary standpoint it seems to me that evidence which could prove long age evolutionary theory to be false was very professionally whitewashed.

Can evolutionary theory be falsified?

The following quote is from the Latin Times. It appears in the blurred type under the image of what is without doubt a trilobite.

‘Paleontologists in Venezuela have found some interesting fossils under the Venezuelan soil which includes finds like a giant armadillo that is the size of a Volkswagen, a crocodile larger than a bus and a sabre-toothed tiger. The fossils reportedly date back from 14,000 to 370 million years ago, according to the oil companies’ surveys of the soil….’

I do not believe the survey of the soil gave this extraordinary span of years even if you take the very best assessment in evolutionary terms in terms of years over which this tar pit could range, say 3,000,000 years. This makes the gap between the creature they found in the oil and armadillos and sabre-toothed tigers as 367 million years. It is this creature, a trilobite, that throws a huge spanner into the story all evolutionists accept. That the most primitive animals appear at the bottom of the geologic column, the most modern and highly evolved at the top. The question is simple, what is one of the most primitive creatures doing buried among animals at the pinnacle of the geologic column? 

The Latin times in which the above quote appears is an internet news source and features a headline beneath which is a large photo of one of the few creatures that could explain the dates quoted above. One that could never naturally be associated with sabre-toothed tigers or armadillos. It is a trilobite: one of the first complex organisms on earth according to evolutionary theory. 

Image result for trilobites

And one such appears on this front page of the Latin Times. It caused a few well hidden and never published ripples in the evolutionary establishment. How do I know? Please read on.

 Trilobites vary a little in body shape and length of arms or fins or paddles seen below.



Evolutionary theory cannot accommodate such a range of dates from a single deposit. Dates that pass over entire geological eras. Animals from the Devonian, dated at between 416-359 million years are supposed to have seen the arrival of the tetrapods, the first four limbed vertebrates. These creatures are so far removed from mastodons and armadillos etc that even the thought of linking them together would send any competent palaeontologist into a tailspin. It is inconceivable that a creature from this remote period, hundreds of millions of years ago, could be found nestling up against a sabre toothed cat and a human artefacts like a spear-heads which have also been found.

The only photo released to the media by paleontologist Ascanio Rincon that is characteristic of a fossil associated with dates like 370 million years looks exactly like a trilobite. These can range from anywhere between 542 million years and 250 million when they suddenly became extinct. All this of course presumes evolutionary dating methods are accurate.

There is another source that displays the Venezuelan tar pit trilobite. It can be seen on this link: Daily Mail…/Armadillos-big-cars-crocodiles-bigger-buses-ton. Please look it up and scroll down the article. There are a number of black tar covered fossils. The photo in the Mail of what appears to be a fossilised trilobite is the second to last of a number of fossils shown in descending order. The photo you need to look at is titled: A fish fossil. I ask you to examine the image of the supposed fish and compare it to that of a fossilised trilobite. In body shape they are identical. Here is the fossil which can be seen in the Daily Mail Link.

A fish fossil: Mr Rincon's laboratory, which has just five researchers, has state and private support, but still lacks the logistical and technological resources of similar projects in other countries

To my knowledge there has never been any explanation for the 370 million year date. There appears to have been not only no explanation for the impossible gap between the two possible dates but no news of any kind since that date was announced. I searched and searched but found nothing. Rincon who had been so enthusiastic and committed to unearthing human and other remains disappeared apparently without trace, I had to search through his career data to discover he had been moved on to another dig. Why? A reason could be that since the reports from September 2013 all further information has been suppressed. Was he read the riot act and told to keep his mouth shut? The question remains, was there a fossilised trilobite buried in this tar pit, and if there was does it prove that the Theory of Evolution actually is falsifiable? 

The truth is nothing will do that; this theory is not scientifically falsifiable because no evidence however compelling will be permitted to bring it down. It is simply impervious to criticism. Any discovery however apparently dire will just be incorporated into the theory. Darwinism will only fall when the many good, decent, honest scientists, who I am convinced are in the majority get sick and tired of upholding a version of events that becomes an embarrassment to them. Darwinism is a state sponsored myth, weak, false and vulnerable. But like many other philosophical and political ideas it will flourish until it runs out of credibility, its ruling elite falters and its enforcers lose faith.

Mount St Helen’s and Pyroclastic Turbidity Currents 

Examples of turbidity currents involving other fluid mediums besides liquid water include: avalanches (snow, rocks) and the pyroclastic flows, volcanic (as in Mount St Helen’s). Long timescales for canyon formation are reduced to near nothing at all when a turbidity current is involved. The picture below is of a canyon formed in a day.

Image result for little grand canyon mt st helens

The video below tells you about how this Little Grand Canyon formed.


A Tale of Two Canyons

Below is a map of the submarine canyon in Monterey BayCalifornia. It has steep canyon walls measuring a full 1 mile in height from bottom to top, which height/depth rivals the depth of the Grand Canyon itself. It is the largest such submarine canyon along the West coast of the North American continent, and was formed by the underwater erosion process known as turbidity current erosion. A massive current of rapidly moving sediment-laden water down a slope, in this case the continental shelf. Note that it has two almost identical cuts into the main canyon, one at Moss Landing the other south of the town of Monterey. This dual feature is replicated at the Grand Canyon. 

Image result for monterey canyon

Turbidity currents can also occur in other fluids besides water. Pyroclastic flow may be caused by a volcanic eruption. A pyroclastic flow (also known as a pyroclastic density current or a pyroclastic cloud) is a fast-moving current of hot gas and volcanic matter that moves away from a volcano at about 100 km/h (62 mph) on average, but is capable of reaching speeds up to 700 km/h (430 mph). 

It looks like two very different kinds of turbidity currents may have much the same effect. They carve canyons very quickly. The Grand Canyon however is attributed to painfully slow erosion by the Colorado river. It is held as iconic, the ultimate demonstration of leisurely processes working over millions of years. 

Monterey Canyon stands as an accepted example of water carving out features which closely resemble Grand Canyon. If it was caused by sediment carrying floodwaters at the speeds shown above then this canyon was carved super fast. A feature that intrigued me is that if you look at satellite photos of Grand Canyon, showing the original incision below Lake Powell you will see its appearance is remarkably similar to Monterey. The Grand Canyon is set within a similar encircling bay of higher hills. If a vast torrent of water caused one canyon, which it certainly did, then why not the other?  Look at the two initial cuts into the Monterey Canyon.  You will see the same characteristics in the Grand Canyon.                                                  

Image result for monterey canyon

The beginnings of Grand Canyon are similar. Two sharp incisions in the rock before the canyon opens out. These were supposedly cut slowly over millions of years by the Colorado River.

Image result for satellite pictures of marble canyon


Image result for satellite pictures of grand canyon

Is this similarity significant? Could the same processes have carved both? If so it was floodwater entering the area of erosion from above. So we could add two others formed by the same processes. Which would mean all four canyons featured in this article: Monterey, Grand Canyon, Channelled Scablands and the Little Grand Canyon at Mount St Helens. Does size matter? Or is the size of the canyon only dependent on the amount and speed of the medium: whether that be water or lava flow.

Animals of enormous size killed and buried in a single very short moment of time. 

From around 500 million years ago, so the story goes, huge numbers of animals died in a manner which involved being buried under large amounts of sediment. A process which must have flattened them in double quick time to ensure they became fossilised. Becoming a fossil is not easy to accomplish. If a corpse lays about on the surface for much time it will be torn apart by predators or rotted down by bacteria. If however you are lucky enough to be hit by a turbidity current and rapidly buried under a hundred feet of damp sediment, then your chances are much improved. Once it has hardened into rock then you are free to be yourself.  

Here is an Ichthyosaur buried and fossilised while giving birth. These adults are big animals, the largest discovered is 85 ft. in length, the smallest around 7 ft

.Image result for dinosaur buried while giving birth

Creatures like this buried in the prime of their lives so fast gives rise to problems for the authorised story. Nevertheless slow and gradual processes over millions of years is the view taken by evolutionists. This of course rules out rapid depositions of rock layers laid down either in a single flood, or through a series of floods over relatively short periods of time. And yet there are anomalies, big ones. 

Hell Creek Bone Bed

Below are some of the dinosaurs buried in the rocks at Hell Creek. From back to front: AnkylosaurusTyrannosaurusQuetzalcoatlusTriceratopsStruthiomimusPachycephalosaurus, and the unnamed dromaeosaurid and caenagnathid now named Acheroraptor and Anzu respectively.

Image result for hell creek dino

This area in Montana probably qualifies as the greatest single kill event recorded on earth. The Hell Creek Formation has world-famous dinosaur fossil sites. Fossils include dinosaurs, crocodiles, lizardssnakesturtlesfrogs and salamanders. Remains of fishes and mammals have also been found in the Hell Creek Formation. It has produced impressive assemblages of invertebrates (including ammonites), plants, mammals, fish, reptiles, including the marine reptiles like mosasaursplesiosaurs and sea turtles), and amphibians. Notable dinosaur finds include Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. A few bird, mammal, and pterosaur fossils have also been found. The teeth of sharks and rays are sometimes also found in the riverine Hell Creek Formation, Fossil insects from inclusions found within amber are known. It is a huge mix that is very difficult to explain. 

And what about plant life from many distant parts of the world buried alongside all of the above creatures.

Here are those listed on Wikipedia. Not one of them is native to the Montana where Hell Creek is found. A sample of each kind of tree and plant is found buried. Question? How did they get there? It is not a question of when they died which troubles evolutionary theory it is where they died. Sometimes thousands of miles from where they were known to come from.

Trees and plants some of which should never be seen together, not  until modern humans took an interest in planting trees and plants native to other countries and continents in the gardens of great houses and places like the well named Eden Project. 

Just look at where these trees and plants came from!

  • Ferns from Hell Creek / origins unknown

  • Cycads are found in Hell Creek / their origin is uncertain

  • Ginkgo (uncommon) are found in Hell Creek / native to South East Asia

  • Various angiosperms from Hell Creek / origins are a mystery

  • Monkey-puzzle leaves are found in Hell Creek / this is native to Chile and Argentina.

  • Fossil palm trees indicate a hotter paleoclimate / its origins are uncertain but thought to be Mesopotamia in North Asia

  • Redwood seed cones are known from Hell Creek / natural habitat is California

  • Laurus are found in Hell Creek / is native to the Mediterranean

  • Cercidiphyllum are found in Hell Creek / native to China and Japan

  • Magnolia is found in Hell Creek / is thought to have originated in China and Vietnam


Devon! Why Devon?

Image result for devon

Because of the following: a list of creatures found disarticulated, smashed to pieces and laid to rest in various Devon cave systems known from the late 1880’s. This list was put together by R.N. Worth in his writings titled The Transactions of the Plymouth Institution and Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society 1887 – 1888. It catalogues the burial in caves of all the following.

Cattedown, Stonehouse, Oreston, Yealhampton, Brixham and Kents Cavern.

Fifteen humans both young and old / Elephant / Rhino / Hippo / Cave Lion / Cat / Brown Bear / Grizzly Bear / Cave Bear / Hyena / Lynx / Wolf / Fox / Dog /Weasel / Stoat / Polecat / Hedgehog / Shrew / Horse / Ass / Ox / Irish Elk / Reindeer / Red Deer / Hog / Sheep or Goat / Badger / Beaver / Hare / Rabbit / Seal / Mole / Bank Vole / Field Vole / Bats and Birds. 

Nothing we know about natural events can really explain this, but a massive flood at least goes some way towards explaining the deaths and burials and broken bones of such numbers and varieties of creatures: big and small, domestic and wild, predators and prey, probably carried great distances before being dumped after a turbidity current began losing its momentum. Their bones are more likely to have been broken that way than by predators taking their kills into caves before being smashed to pieces themselves.

To those caves listed above could be added the Joint Mitnor Caves at Buckfasleigh discovered much more recently.

An Elephant Tooth in Joint Mitnor Cave

This is an elephants tooth from the Joint Mitnor Cave which Jennie and I saw a few years ago. Sadly this site was recently vandalised. This is just one of many  limestone caves opening into the Higher Kiln Quarry. It is believed these formed a part of one larger cave before the quarry was dug. All these caves formed under the River Dart when it flowed at a higher level. However, about 100,000 years ago ( you and I may not accept that timeline ) the Dart had deepened its valley and the caves were dry. At the back of the Joint Mitnor cave a hole had opened to the land surface which acted as a pitfall, and many animals fell in. This falling in theory more or less by accident of the curiosity killed the cat type, involves large numbers of usually cautious animals of all sizes just losing their footing and falling in. There was no flood in this theory, just a stream of careless animals falling head over heals into a hole in the ground. Strange that no such events are recorded in modern times. 

This Phenomena is Global

Image result for sharktooth bonebed

The famed Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed in California produces teeth as big as a hand and weighing a pound, from giant prehistoric killers called megalodon.

Look at the range of creatures attributed to this bone bed.

Whales / Sharks / Seals / Walruses / the extinct hippos / Turtles / Marine Crocodiles / Deer like creatures / Tapirs / Weasel like creatures / Mammoth or elephant like creatures / Rhinos / Dog like carnivores, some as big as bears /  extinct three toed horses / and finally birds!

Another mystery is that the Sharktooth Hill bone bed occurs in sediments that are mysteriously barren of any other kinds of organic remains. In an interval several hundred feet both above and below the bone-bearing horizon there is absolutely no trace of past animal or plant life….Such an unusual collection of diverse species of marine mammals sharks, birds, rays, skates and even land mammals requires a unique mechanism of preservation. What could that be? Maybe being buried in a vast sediment laden turbidity current which swept through California before eventually emptying into the sea, forming the vast submarine canyon off Monterey Bay. 

There are twenty unspecified species of birds plus marine and  land animals. Is it likely that any such mass assemblage of bones belonging to creatures as diverse as sharks, tapirs, birds and rhinos, could reasonably be put together by anything other than some catastrophic event involving massive floods, maybe caused by underground volcanism on an unprecedented scale? It is worth knowing that this area with its ludicrously narrow bed, seven feet, have buried within it, not just a few bones. The layers exposed at Sharktooth Hill (along the Kern River upstream of the town of Bakersfield) have yielded up not just thousands of specimens, but hundreds of thousands. In some places, a shovelful of dirt would hold hundreds of shark teeth. You could call it a mystery or you could face the facts.

Chalk Cliffs from Dover to Australia

Image result for white cliffs of dover

The Cretaceous chalk beds of southern England are well known because they appear as spectacular white cliffs along the coast.

These chalk beds can be traced westward across England and appear again in Northern Ireland. In the opposite direction, these same chalk beds can be traced across France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, southern Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe to Turkey, then to Israel and Egypt in the Middle East, and even as far as Kazakhstan. Remarkably, the same chalk beds with the same fossils and the same distinctive strata above and below them are also found in the Midwest USA, from Nebraska in the north to Texas in the south. They also appear in the Perth Basin of Western Australia.

How, other than by a massive flood could  the same sedimentary material be laid down so thickly across so many parts of the globe.

The Grand Canyon

Image result for grand canyon

This view is simply amazing. It shows layer upon layer of rock seams laid flat, one upon another in a cascade of mind shuddering beauty and drama. 

The Grand Canyon just could be the result of the exact opposite of the accepted account. The constant refrain of evolutionists, the retelling of how this incredible canyon was created through its slow formation over millions of years by the steady erosion of the Colorado river. However you might perhaps consider that there is another way. The Creationist geologist Steve Austin believes in the glacial lake theory. One that may have formed in the higher ground around Lake Powell and released in the same manner as the Lake Missoula when it flooded through and caused the Channelled Scablands to form. That theory has of course been rubbished. But it worked well enough to account for the even bigger, in terms of square miles: the Channelled Scablands. It is worth remembering that the geologist Harlan Bretz, who stood his ground against all expert opinion for fifty years had it right about the Scablands. The Geological Society of Washington and all its establishment experts who stood against Bretz and his insistence that a flood had been the cause of this huge canyon, were forced to admit their errors. Bretz was honoured. He received the Penrose Medal; the Geological Society of America‘s highest award, in 1979, at the age of 96. After this award, he told his son: “All my enemies are dead, so I have no one to gloat over.”

 Experiments in Stratification  

The conclusions of this long article might change your views about what can happen to sediment when transported by moving water. This is science you can watch, an experiment in a water flume performed by scientists at Colorado University along with many other fascinating facts. It could explain how the animals listed above at the start of the very long article could have found themselves sharing the same fate, all buried together


What are some of the other evidences?



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