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Since the time of the geologist Charles Lyell, roughly two hundred years ago, evolutionary science has taken a long age, and as far as possible a non catastrophic view of Earth’s history.  The idea of a global flood such as that described in the Book of Genesis has since that time been largely dismissed by science; considered to be a catastrophe beyond the realm of reason and certainly not the way to explain the geology of the earth. However there are anomalies which are not easy to explain in terms of classic geology. One such is the proliferation of fossilised creatures of every type, including dinosaurs, sometimes found in mass graveyards, deposited in sedimentary layers with their skeletons disarticulated and smashed into small bone fragments. The variety will stagger you, as will their close proximity to one another. Creatures buried together as if they belonged together, which they clearly do not: sharks, birds, camels, mastodons, tapirs, rhinos, horses and cats. Even Sherlock Holmes would struggle to explain such a mismatched meeting. A flood could explain it, sediment loaded turbidity currents of the type and scale which scientists think could have caused the creation of one of the greatest submarine canyons on earth. Wikipedia has this to say about its size and the cause of its origins.

‘A submarine canyon in Monterey BayCalifornia with steep canyon walls measuring a full 1 mile in height from bottom to top, which height/depth rivals the depth of the Grand Canyon itself. It is the largest such submarine canyon along the West coast of the North American continent, and was formed by the underwater erosion process known as turbidity current erosion.A turbidity current is most typically an underwater current of usually rapidly moving, sediment-laden water moving down a slope…Turbidity currents can also occur in other fluids besides water. Researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute found that a layer of water-saturated sediment moved rapidly over the seafloor and mobilised the upper few metres of the pre-existing seafloor. Plumes of sediment-laden water were observed during turbidity current events but they believe that these were secondary to the pulse of the seafloor sediment moving during the events. ( in the accounts of the global flood there is a reference to the fountains of the great deep breaking up ) The belief of the researchers is that the water flow is the tail-end of the process that starts at the seafloor.

As such currents flow, they often have a “snow-balling-effect”, as they stir up the ground over which they flow, and gather even more sedimentary particles in their current. Their passage leaves the ground over which they flow scoured and eroded. ( an example of this are the Channelled Scablands of Washington State formed when Glacial Lake Missoula emptied itself in a vast flood ).

Examples of turbidity currents involving other fluid mediums besides liquid water include: avalanches (snow, rocks), lava flows ( volcanic) and the pyroclastic flows, volcanic (as in Mount St Helen’s). Long timescales for canyon formation are reduced to near nothing at all when a turbidity current is involved. The two minute video below is worth watching. 


We have been taught that the geologic column was established over hundreds of millions of years. Genesis implies much of it took place over a year with the resulting climate change, ice age  and later thawing and aftershocks causing geological formations like the massive scouring out of the Channelled Scablands. These propositions are resisted by the geological establishment. One case mentioned earlier is the Channelled Scablands. The geologist Harlen Bretz, ( 1882 – 1981 ) who was convinced a flood had been responsible was shunned for half a century, even called a heretic for opposing orthodox geology, before finally being vindicated. He is now honoured as one of the greats by an establishment that once ridiculed his water borne theory. Nevertheless lessons learned are soon forgotten. Vast quantities of fast moving sediment laden waters are still not popular and appear very rarely in geological explanations of fossilised animals. Submarine canyons are another matter, but those like the Grand Canyon are usually attributed to millions of years of slow erosion. The video below which lasts only five minutes relates the story of the Scablands. If you doubt the power of water over land and its capacity to carve out canyons through basalt rock then please watch this: it will astound you.



Scientists have theorised that sedimentary layers were deposited on the earth over millions of years. The lowest level, named the Cambrian is believed to be around 500.000 years old. As animals died, in a manner which involved being buried under large amounts of sediment. A process which must have flattened them in double quick time to ensure they became fossilised. Becoming a fossil is not easy to accomplish. If a corpse lays about on the surface for much time it will be torn apart by predators or rotted down by bacteria. If however you are lucky enough to be hit by a turbidity current moving at about 40 mph plus and buried immediately under a hundred feet of damp sediment, then your chances are much improved. It seems as if fossil remains became encased in sedimentary layers at different levels, each level supposedly representing an epoch of time. Trilobites are found in the Cambrian, dinosaurs in the Jurassic, such as those found in the Morrison formation. The different “ages” are determined by which fossil remains they find. And between each level evolutionists have inserted the idea of deep time, millions of years, separating for example the dinosaurs from the primates. 

This belief in slow and gradual processes over millions of years rules out rapid depositions of rock layers laid down either in a single flood, or through a series of floods over relatively short periods of time. And yet Monterey Canyon stands as an accepted example of water carving out features which closely resemble Grand Canyon. In fact if you look at satellite photos of Grand Canyon, showing the original incision below Lake Powell you will see its appearance is almost identical to Monterey. The Grand Canyon is set within a similar encircling bay of higher hills. If a vast torrent of water caused one then why not the other? You will see in the video how fast and deep the initial incision is as it cuts its jagged path into the bed rock. The beginning of Grand Canyon is virtually identical.



Modern geological explanations of the geology of the earth make little or no allowance for the effects of moving water such as that provided by something as terrifyingly overwhelming as mega turbidity currents collecting sediments and animal life and conveying them at speeds of up to sixty miles an hour on a trip of potentially hundreds if not thousands of miles across the globe. At the end of which mixed groups of smashed bones could be dumped in huge numbers and then buried under subsequent sedimentary layers. Below is a rather turgid, sometimes long-winded but very illuminating account of what moving water can accomplish. The conclusions should change your views on what can happen to sediment, and indeed anything carried in it, when transported in moving water. This is science you can watch, an experiment in a water flume performed by scientists at Colorado University. It could explain how the animals listed above at the start of the article could have found themselves sharing the same fate, buried together. And the mystery goes even deeper, because very much the same grouping can be found buried together in Maryland to the West of the USA, and California in the East.



Geologists and paleontologists have uncovered many great mysteries and mismatches; the equivalent of Hitler and Churchill sharing a cocktail and a joke at a Parisian restaurant in 1940. In Maryland there are the Calvert Cliff fossils, in which are listed the following mammal remains: sharks, tapirs, turtles, whales, mastodons, rhinoceros, horses and dogs plus birds, like the booby, gannets and shearwater. Scientists say these collections of disarticulated bones are easy to explain, and they tell their story which is bizarre if you examine it carefully. It is possible to get many of this diverse group into the same location, but that is just the beginning of the problem. These creatures were broken into fragments and buried so deeply and suddenly that no later predators could get at them. If, as we are often told, the present really is the key to understanding the past then why do we not see anything like this amalgam of shattered fossils lying around today. The answer maybe that without a catastrophe of global proportions it cannot happen.

In Bakersfield California there is an area called the Sharktooth Bonebed.

Sharktooth Hill bone bed has provided paleontologists with a rare assemblage of Middle Miocene marine vertebrate animal fossils. (the famous Miocene Calvert Formation of Maryland also produces many kinds of marine vertebrate remains). The impressive list of marine mammal specimens alone from the Temblor Formation includes 10 types of dolphins and dolphin-like creatures, a porpoise, one sea lion, five kinds of whales, a sea cow, a walrus, a seal and an extinct hippopotamus, a 10-foot-long animal related to the elephant, extinct  turtles, a marine crocodile, many kinds of bony fishes, 20 species of birds, and some 27 species of sharks and rays.

In addition to the marine fauna, several skeletal elements from land mammals have also been taken from the fossil beds: the three-toed horses,  rhinoceroses and the tapir!

Another mystery is that the Sharktooth Hill bone bed occurs in sediments that are mysteriously barren of any other kinds of organic remains. In an interval several hundred feet both above and below the bone-bearing horizon there is absolutely no trace of past animal or plant life….Such an unusual collection of diverse species of marine mammals sharks, birds, rays, skates and even land mammals requires a unique mechanism of preservation. What could that be? Maybe being buried in a vast sediment laden turbidity current which swept through California before eventually emptying into the sea, forming the vast submarine canyon off Monterey Bay. Sharktooth Bonebed is in Bakersfield, only 220 miles from the Monterey Canyon. In fact if you want it on a grand scale you can draw a line east to west across the United States that follows a fairly direct route from the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland across through Death Valley near Vegas, more fossil graveyards, then Bakersfield and on to the coast just south of San Francisco and good old Monterey.

In Death Valley there is a box canyon called the Barnyard. At this location  they have found fossilised tracks of the following:  The tracks range from about 1 to 15 inches in length and paleontologists have matched them to; you will hardly believe this: mastodons, one species of the ubiquitous tapir, species of birds, cats, camels and three species of horse. Such a catalogue of coincidences could be easily be called a catastrophe of monumental proportions.

If you take the Genesis flood then you will find by inference at least, tectonic movements the break up of the sea floor, volcanic activity and huge amounts of water falling from above, arising from below added to that already in the seas and rivers. I leave it to your imagination to conjure up a picture of the resulting chaos throughout the process, from the initial shocks to the eventual aftershocks and climate change.

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