All Change!


When I was young this was the call a bus conductor would make when we reached the bus terminus. If you hung around long enough you might see the bus number and destination being scrolled round to designate it would be taking a new route. We as a society have changed route, from a people who knew who and what we were to one that creates whatever we want be. The following saying is attributed to the philosopher Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil. I agree with it wholeheartedly.

“Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.” 

In my view those who have chosen the modern consensus have fallen into exactly that certifiable condition. If you can open your eyes to all that is going on around us by way of change you cannot help but see the trail of devastation Post Modernism has set in motion. It is as if a wild boar has been let loose in a well established smooth running household. It represents a paradigm shift in our society. What is happening can easily be missed; we are the recipient generation of a philosophical idea, the intention of which is to change us, cause us to think about everything in another way. Its promotion involved the invention a new hyphenated word: Post-Truth. This word was thought so significant it became the Oxford University Dictionary word of the year in 2016. The expression suggests Truth has had its day and as the title of this web/blog-site suggests, been laid in a casket and unceremoniously buried.

Basically it means you can throw out everything you once knew to be true and good and replace it with something called cognitive confinement. If you want to know what that means then do not ask me. I looked it up on the worldwide web and found no explanation. That perhaps is the explanation, its meaning is open only to those who dabble in the worlds of psychology and psychiatry. It could mean freeing the mind to receive almost anything, or a mental straight-jacket. Either explanation would make sense in a post-truth world. Whatever else it may mean, this much is certain; the old idea of an overarching truth that holds and explains all reality, including human nature and our relationship with our Creator is gone. Any claim to truth is reduced to that of yours and mine and his and hers and nowadays any other approved personal pronoun. Truth is fragmented and personalised and one truth is only superior to another if it is the one which conforms to the views of the State. You see the State has taken on the garb and role of God. There is an overarching truth and if you disobey its commandments ( British Values ) then your freedoms are likely to be much reduced. There are some today suffering confinement in the UK for their faith or their views. If they have avoided a prison cell they will quite likely have lost their jobs or their reputations or a large part of their wealth due to legal fees and court costs.

Welcome to the Post-Modern world! A strange one insofar that the claims made on behalf of Post Truth are of the exact variety of the one it eradicated. An overarching new truth replacing an overarching old truth. By defining all former capital T Truths as naïve or repressive, the modern state has become as doctrinaire as any former religious monopoly. But this thing that has arisen in our midst, despite its well-established creeds, is not religious. On the contrary it is root and branch secular. If you doubt, it’s domineering nature then examine the reach and influence of Politic Correctness.

Here is just a mild taste of the gathering madness. Modern Feminism has more than a hint of colonialism about it: the movement keeps looking for new areas to suck the life out of, and to spread its condemnation of male privilege into every inflection of speech and expression through touch and gesture. These, which are often signs of consideration: kindness, sympathy and the desire to protect, are rejected and sometimes categorised as assaults. It may never occur to a rabid feminist that not every expression like this is loaded with sexual intent or a desire to exploit women. Not to be able to see or discern this is a sign of a fanatic.



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