Choice Without Limit!


Choice is almost a catch word nowadays; normality, stability, the natural order, do they matter anymore? Oh yes, every part and bit matters because norms are what stabilise societies. Men and women are different in ways that have only become apparent since the 1990’s. A lot has changed since then and not only by way of choice, medicine has moved on. Much more is known about the human body. Medical treatments for males and females used to be, other than in obvious cases more or less the same. It is now known that gender specific medicine is very important, especially for women. Treatment helpful to a male patient may be detrimental to a female. So please tell me how a trans-gendered female who has made the choice to become male should be treated? To treat this person as the chosen gender or as the genetics decided at conception? At this point the issue of who or what I am becomes very real. It could be a matter of wrecking your health through inappropriate drugs being used in treatments and maybe even worse. The European Molecular Biology Organisation has stated that the prevention, management and therapeutic treatments of common diseases fails to note the most important factors relating to the needs of the patient. and those factors? They are sex and gender. We cannot safely meddle in areas fixed by nature and genetics. This new movement which demands that choice be at the forefront of decision making is ignoring the real world. And this insistence that our changeable inner feelings about ourselves are reliable guides to our well-being is a fantasy.

If you decree that what has for millennia been called normal and natural does not define normality or nature, then can normality exist, and what does natural mean? Can we just legislate for a new reality, a new good, a new right and enforce it with Draconian laws? The answer to that question is yes. We have been moving in that direction for the last few decades. And for some unknown reason it has been lit by green lights all the way. The natural order, once accepted as the way God had put it all together has seemingly had its day. Mankind has done a lot of damaging things to disturb the natural order over the last few centuries. Done so while rearranging the world for our own purposes; sometimes like a teenager at a party trashing the family home. But nevertheless, somehow the place always remained more or less intact, still repairable, still habitable, and still recognisable. Now though it is difficult to be certain that we have not broken away from the past altogether and are entering a new realm, where it is not the natural world forming and controlling us but rather the reverse. Headlong and reckless pursuits tend to end in disaster.

My belief is that this recklessness is apparent in many areas of life, including our brains and bodies and even our ability to distinguish between madness and sanity, between sense and nonsense. The kinds of debate that go on are extraordinary; beyond anything that would have once been thought possible. To argue the matter of sex and gender apart from biology and genetics by making these matters of established science a side issue, is madness. To emphasise a feeling about gender as being equivalent or superior to the reality governing sexuality, which tells us that every cell in our body is either male or female, is to reclassify the most basic understandings we have about everything. This is a disorder of the mind that has infected a large percentage of our population. And this is not just the loony left, or self absorbed celebrities, it is our leaders, our governments and even large swathes of our religious denominations. LGBT has become the driving force for a so called reform of society, a progression. And yet it has no basis in science and rides on a wave of euphoria enforced upon us all by the laws of the land. In my view this is technically certifiable.

As the bible states in 2 Thessalonians: ch 2 v 11-12

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” We choose our delusions just as we choose good and evil and right and wrong. God created us male and female and in those identities we were created to live and learn and come to know the God who made us.

Here is information from an expert source. Dr John Sanford, A Cornell University Professor for more than 25 years and has been semi-retired since 1998.  He is of the opinion that the genetic load we carry, which is measured by mutations accruing in our genome increases from generation to generation. The effect is like the inexorable progress of rust on an ageing car. If the genome is being pulled in a downwards direction then the results will become increasingly obvious. I cannot help but wonder if the world in which we live is testimony that we are becoming lost to what is real and true.


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