A Lost World

The Prophet Jeremiah  said this: Cross over to the coasts of Cyprus and take a look; send to Kedar and consider carefully; see if there has ever been anything like this: Has a nation ever changed its gods?though they were no gods at all! Yet My people have exchanged their Glory for idols that are useless. Be stunned by this, O heavens; be shocked and utterly appalled.” 

Jeremiah could have been speaking to us. We are a people who have exchanged our God for idols. We worship at an altar chockablock with new beliefs which we know to be untrue. A kaleidoscope of choices that stand opposed to common sense, science and biology. An example: that the binary nature of all mammal life from the squirrel to us humans is a fact of nature which can only be challenged by raising up a fantasy world. The Wizard of Oz is working his manufactured magic to this day. A midwife can no longer present a new born child and say with confidence that the fact of a penis means the mother has a boy. We have turned a world of facts and stability which had endured unaltered from the beginning of time to a matter of fierce debate at best, a minefield at worst. 


The painting of the inner city which illustrates this website intro Home Page and this article is one of my own, and the darkest I have ever attempted. Its purpose was quite simple: to shock. It depicts the darkness of a society which has deliberately and with full knowledge chosen to overthrow its God and the moral order that derived its inspiration from the Bible. It is my contention that this act of self harm has multiple consequences. The sign over the head of the crucified Christ Jesus has written upon it the words “You Belong in the Past”. That is in effect what the modern world has said to its God. We have no need of you or your Commandments or Gospel. The result of this turning away is the world that is emerging: one that follows every whim and impulse of our fallen nature. Truth falls in the streets and is kicked to death by mobs of every shade and type: from philosophers to Twitter warriors. Some may have no idea what they are kicking, and that is unsurprising, mobs are not concerned by the relative value of anything. Few cared about the corpse on the Cross. That the victim was innocent, the charges against him false and his judge a man who gave way to a mob. In the picture Jesus hangs over the heads of the uncaring vices of sex and drugs going on below. The world ignores the meaning of this man’s message and so fails to mourn the loss. There is a good reason for that, our nature is fallen. So every now and then humanity turns its insane hatred against those who uphold the truth; and in this case, the Truth is a person.

The creation of a society that has lost its way does not happen by accident. First comes the scouring of the land by laying it waste followed by filling it with whatever seems right, and with a corrupted humankind everything is right in our own eyes, even those things we know to be wrong. We have turned language on its head. Wicked means good, blackboard is wrong, even flip chart is wrong. That there is one true God is wrong unless he is called Allah. To be white, male and heterosexual is to be wrong and often classified a likely oppressor and probably complicit in racism. To say transgenderism has no validation in science or biology and is a mental illness or a passing phase in life is to be transphobic. To question the idea that Islam, because it is a theocracy dangerous to any democracy is Islamophobia. To be a believer in all scripture and the Genesis creation account is to be called a fundamentalist and a danger to the credibility of the wider compromised church. This is just a sample list of broad brush assertions, its real range is becoming vast and embedding itself in Government departments and big business corporations and the internet. The new orthodoxy is both preached on and policed by social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

What is happening is sinister and totalitarian. Just listen to Douglas Murray. He just skims the surface in the first video and goes much deeper in the second. His apparent easy going and urbane manner in part disguises the seriousness and the threat.  But it there to be heard. His latest book: The Madness of Crowds is chilling. 



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