Men Into Women?


It was reported in the National Press that a researcher who had lost her job for making supposed ‘transphobic’ remarks will tell an employment tribunal that it is a ‘biological fact’ that men cannot become women. Maya Forstater, wrote the following on her personal Twitter account that ‘men cannot change into women’ and criticised laws which allow people to ‘self-identify’ as male or female. Some of her colleagues at the think-tank the Centre For Global Development complained that her views ‘made them feel uncomfortable’ and accused her of ‘trans-phobia’.

I suggest that if the criteria for disapproval of a comment made in a workplace is one of being made uncomfortable, then what about Maya Forstater’s discomfort. Is she not to be protected in the same way as her accusers? The answer to that is no, her opinions are no longer tolerated by a society which has decided all human knowledge from scientific to common sense is to be overturned by a philosophy dreamed up and imposed on our culture over the last decade. The playing field is now so tilted  that it is impossible for one side to score a point while the other side can do nothing else but score points. The law has become much more than an ass, it has become a venomous snake programmed to strike at victims set up in advance. Hold the correct opinion or else keep silent. Every dictatorship uses this prescriptive formula. A modern expression is Group Think. The message is clear, do not deviate one millimetre from the post modern script. A preliminary hearing at an employment tribunal were informed that her legal team will argue that Forstater’s views are a ‘philosophical belief’. Under the Equalities Act 2010, it is illegal to discriminate against employees over such beliefs. Miss Forstater is expected to say in evidence later this week that:

‘I believe being male or female is an immutable (word meaning unchanging over time or unable to be changed) biological fact, not a feeling or an identity,’ and ‘I believe that a person’s sex should not be conflated with the idea of “gender”, “gender identities” or “gender expression”. And ‘I believe that it is impossible to change sex or lose your sex. No change of clothes or hairstyle, no plastic surgery, no accident or illness, no course of hormones, no force of will or social conditioning, no declaration, can turn a female person into a male, or a male person into a female.’

Well said, but to say it is to risk a modern form of martyrdom. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Nature still acts as if the rules have not changed one iota since males and females first appeared on the planet. We are in the absurd position of screaming with hysteria about our persistent and dangerous meddling in nature’s environmental rules, while pursuing the exact opposite agenda with regard to sexuality. Scattering gender choices in the air like confetti has become perfectly acceptable. A movement such as this gains momentum with every novel advance pushing a little deeper into the void. Below is a video on the subject of male pregnancy. Its not impossible! A male could give birth to a baby. However I do not expect a queue of men to form outside the appropriate clinics. Now if you are a seahorse reading this, then no problem…


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