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Transgender activists branded a Facebook post by a birth coach as offensive. Her crime: she said that only women can have babies. A decade ago the response to trans activists would have been derision. Today we must all learn to bow before the inevitable. Trouble awaits those who will not conform. Not yet your neck severed from your body, but there are consequences and they are severe. Loss of vocations, careers and reputations are no small losses.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, a spokesperson for the charity Doula UK resigned from the national organisation for birth coaches. The reason: complaints by transgender rights activists had triggered an investigation in which the charity came to the conclusion that her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines. Well of course it did, a new Inquisition is in the land and social media provides written confirmation of the breaches which occur. A person can be tripped up merely by having an opinion. Especially one which has been held as inviolate for thousands of years by everyone, everywhere. That for a woman there existed an opposite sex, always defined as male, and of course visa versa. That view is now heretical. Not according to the huge majority, but who cares about them, they are sitting back and watching it happen like lambs to the slaughter. The activists are loud, demanding and remorseless in pursuit of their aims.

A farmers wife once told me a story about how to make an impression on a gaggle of geese, the leader of which was a constant aggressive menace. She marched in among them, took the offensive creature by its neck, held it up in a strong grip, twisted and dropped the dead goose at the feet of the rest. That is how to make a memorable first impression and show the geese who is the real boss. Transgender rights activists, like all bullies and ideologues use the same tactics. It is a form of terrorism. If you value your reputation and your job then conform to the rules, even if, as the author and journalist Douglas Murray states in his book The Madness of Crowds; that these new ruling elites appeared only the day before yesterday. One day we all believed the sexes divided two ways, now it is anything you choose to be. Just like the animals in the Animal Farm story. One day it was good to be four footed, the next to be two footed. The reason being the ruling pigs were copying their ex human master; parading round the farm enclosure on two feet. And like the huge majority of humans today, we are watching like dumb animals while the takeover continues.

This lady was not sacked by Doula UK, but she was disappointed and pointed out that the leadership of the Charity seemed paralysed by not wanting to upset transgender rights activists, having in her view fallen over themselves to acquiesce to their demands.’ These activists have form.

Flora margarine stopped advertising on Mumsnet. Their website was accused of being transphobic due to hosting a wide range of views on transgender issues. Same tactics caused the makers of Always sanitary towels to remove the female ‘Venus’ symbol from their packaging. All it took were complaints from trans men.

The Doula UK row started after Cancer Research UK dropped the word ‘women’ from its smear test campaign, instead saying screening was ‘relevant for everyone aged 25-64 with a cervix’. A cervix defines women like a penis defines men. Or that is how it was the day before yesterday. The British are infamous for being slow in learning a new language. Put a great big sword of Damocles above the heads of the UK citizenry, and we will quickly learn that not to know the right language is liable to be marked as provocative hate speech. From government agencies to Social Media giants to big business corporations, the same message is being hammered out to the sounds of a regular drumbeat.

Here is a doctor who knows what she is talking about. A fact which immediately will cause every word spoken to be sieved through not for evidence but just for telling it as it is. And if that does not conform to the post modern, LGBTQ agenda it is false and defamatory by definition. But according to principles of free speech she should be heard.

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