No Go Areas in Strange Places


Only sane people know madness when they see and hear it. Consequently you might think me somewhere on the lunatic spectrum if I warn you to be very, very careful what you say, and that the time is coming when the old saying: “treading on egg shells” will be replaced by “treading on land mines”. If I add that a  false step could see you at best looked down on as some kind of pariah or unemployable oddity, at worst a threat to society and liable to legal sanctions including prosecution for hate crimes.  If you want a comic illustration of this bleak and dangerous future then please watch the short video below. Konstantin Kisin in quoting from a university invitation to speak which lists the many topics which should not be used in the process of making a joke!

Thou Shalt Not Mock the gods of our Age. They are all named in the video below. There are clearly No Go Areas for comedians. And there are many others that could apply to you and I, as you will find out if you search this website.

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