The Protest Culture


A three year old child screams at the top of its voice in a supermarket aisle, pointing with trembling finger at a toy its mother cannot afford. A point she has repeatedly made to the small enraged object banging its head on the floor. No, or not now cannot be the answer is the single thought in this mini Napoleon’s mind. That is the view of the child and nothing will persuade it otherwise.

Welcome to the world of the whining protester; the grown up variant of which has turned out to be a much worse threat to our peace of mind than the child weeping in the Asda aisle. I am thinking of the in your face protesters who occupy so much attention in the media. When any of us begin to sound like overwrought needy eccentrics and speak as if our pet subject trumps every other view on the matter, then watch out or cease to listen. We have become zealots. Groups formed of these types of activists are often marked by noticeable characteristics. Whining, playing the victim for all its worth either on behalf of yourself and family or, as in this case, fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their idealism. Saving the planet, as the Extinction Rebellion mobs claim to be about is to mount the very summit of idealism. The people involved are many and varied, but the greatest proportion of the leadership seem to be numbered among the comfortably off middle classes and left-wing luvvies. Beneath them, crowding like underfed children at the doors of a soup kitchen will be the impressionable, and those seeking a cause to match their natural concerns for the future. But like all rabble rousers throughout history, the prophets of doom are careless with their language. These people are verging on committing the crime of shouting out: FIRE! or BOMB! in a restaurant.

In protest movements stridency and urgency are always factors: change and change quickly, faster than you want or believe you can move. Let children decide their gender or sex on feelings is another example of rushing to ill considered conclusions. Give us time to check this out is not an option. All these factors taken together tend to end in an almost unbearably sanctimoniousness leadership, almost as if they bear a halo or stigmata. All should be rendered silent before these self appointed demi-gods. Two victims of all this are the twin senses of humour and proportion. Both came crashing down like the twin towers in New York. One day giving assurance of permanence, the next demonstrating the fragility of all that once seemed secure.

Has it occurred to anyone that saving the Earth could be an impossible venture? Our planet is a physical object held in place by a vast physical universe and in being by laws which seem to have favoured life. There is a well established scientific fact: physical objects are subject to a Law called Entropy. No amount of protests or managing the environment will  prevent the Creator of all that is, whether that power and intelligence be divine or evolutionary, finishing it all bang on time.

The protest culture finds fault everywhere and screams out for attention. It has become a fashion, a thing to do, a reason to congregate, raise your voice, make placards and feel empowered. Climate Change is just one of many looked at in future articles.
















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