Who am I is becoming a confusing issue filled with uncertainties. He and she are pronouns that once had the field to themselves, but no longer. To make a mistake in identification may have serious consequences, maybe leading to a prosecutable hate crime. We are in the process of creating a society which is upending long established social guidelines: these relate to morality, ethics and what was once understood to be natural. Changing from a people who knew who and what we were to one that creates whatever we want be. The LGBT issue is a crucial part of that deconstruction and its influence on political policy is far reaching.

The following saying is attributed to the Christian Saint Anthony the Great. He died in 356 AD and could be speaking to our generation.

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, “You are mad; you are not like us.”

The force of that statement can hardly be over emphasised in the current social and political environment. In a mad world the sane will be committed to an asylum for corrective treatment. This has happened under communist totalitarian regimes. You may be interested to know that political correctness, the enforcer of current social thinking has been described as Cultural Marxism. Marx was one of the founders of Communism which has proved itself to be a brutal dictatorial system of government. In Mao’s China the communist re-education programme was conducted in concentration camps under the harshest conditions.

In Western society we are far from this, as yet, but things are changing and the direction is obvious, as are the consequences. We are confused because confusion is being sown like wheat in China. The result is a contagion of mixed messages, false facts, and indoctrination. I am not unsympathetic to what is going on, people are suffering and unsure and anxious, with suicide among the young on the increase. I do not doubt I would be equally confused growing up as a young person in a society which has deliberately thrown over almost every structure which once held it together. One of these being the nuclear family: father, mother and children born of the union made between their biological parents. That model has been overthrown and the results are all around us; tragic stories mapping the breakdown and dispersion of the family unit. The cause is I believe one of the results of Post Modernism, or perhaps Post, Post Modernism. Things have moved on since adding Post Truth to its arsenal. These revolutionary ideas have had the effect of removing ourselves as far as possible from the old certainties that were once our overseers and guardians. We have adopted a new kind of faith which welcomes diversity in all its forms. As individuals we decide what is true when it comes to essentially private issues like gender and sexuality and how cohabiting adults interact with one another. These may be personal issues but they have wide social consequences. But we are no longer to be ruled by outdated norms which dictated how nature was to be understood and acted out. There are well documented disastrous statistics documenting this ongoing process. One for which no state department or pressure group is prepared to take the blame. An example: data released by the Office for National Statistics shows that 13.3 per cent of deaths of females aged between five and 19 are now due to suicide, The number of teenage suicides in England and Wales increased by 67 per cent between 2010 and 2017. Mental health and anxiety among young people cannot be unexpected in the current social environment.

By focusing on LGBT I am not ignoring a reservoir of other reasons; from high, usually unattainable expectations, to a facile lifestyle largely focused upon ourselves. I believe it is a symptom rather than a cause of confusion. We have chosen to refuse a truth which changes every expectation; which is that there is a calling on our life to something higher than making the most of ourselves or an image of ourselves. That however is a subject of other articles.

This LGBT issue is therefore just one of many which are focal with regard to the changes taking place in society. This is dangerous to confront, and giving offence is unavoidable. Difficult for someone like myself to say what I feel without causing hurt and anger, reactions which unfortunately close down a lot of reasonable questions being asked. One of LGBT’s immediate effects has been to blur the contrast that once existed between what was considered normal and abnormal, natural and unnatural.

There are many factors involved, this article concerns LGBT culture which has put into question whether gender was fixed or fluid. These new ideas and ideologies ran counter to the views of the main religions; that was until major sections of Christianity began moderating their views in order to accommodate the new reality. This new reality rapidly gathered support from all parts of society. To be anti-Gay to any degree or for any reason became a hazardous occupation. Which is why today the subject has to handled very cautiously, the Twitter mobs enjoy indulging their fondness for virtual lynching’s via social media. I fear and suspect I have not handled the matter with sufficient caution.

One of the strangest results of this interference in what was once a natural acceptance of norms in society, such as definitions of gender, is that it has set feminists at odds with the transgender lobby. The reason? A male transgendering to female has at least in theory, lawful rights to enter formerly gender specific areas: women’s toilets, changing rooms, refuges and prisons. Each one of these are supposedly devoted to the protection of women from the unwanted attention of voyeurs and predatory males. Looking at all this from what could be described as a traditional point of view, it is difficult to acclimatise to the demonstrable lack of care and foresight. These problems were not difficult to anticipate; problems which all originate from the raft of equality, diversity and hate legislation which have changed our once stable nation out of all recognition. The old saying that the Law is an ass has been underlined in recent times. The truth is it cannot adapt fast enough to the changes. Trying to square multiple circles has tipped the law into confusion and contradictions. It is difficult to anticipate where the madness will eventually terminate. No doubt a Royal Commission will one day be demanded, and such are the complexities it could remain in session for as long as the famous Dickensian court case Jarndyce and Jarndyce. Dickens used it to attack the court system as being near totally worthless, as any “honourable” man among its legal practitioners remarked: “Suffer any wrong that can be done you rather than come here!”

Nowadays this caution about embarking on legal action has a different consequence to the one identified by Dickens. It is not the interminable length of a court case that is to be feared, it is the almost inevitable result. Anyone who offends against the new prospectus is guilty. The reason? You have no defence that can stand unless your are prepared to go to the Supreme Court, as two Irish Christians discovered. They were taken to court by a homosexual who wanted a pro Gay message to decorate his cake. He was politely refused; declined on the grounds of Christian conscience. You see it is hazardous for Christians to take offence however carefully and respectfully it is done.

In the case of LGBT the law will never get it right. Why? Because the law is not equipped to deal with such a problem. It is like multiple interest groups trying to make claims on items broken beyond repair by a bomb blast. The Law is out of its depth, the damage is scattered all over in the hearts, minds, spirits and emotions of recent generations, which in my view have lost touch with its roots and foundations and refuse to return to better ways once well understood and accepted. And government is no better. Ofsted is a government organisation set upon ensuring that our children are detached from the old certainties. They preach to the schools, they enforce their agenda in ways the worst kind of conservative Christians are often accused of doing. In that kind of case the word indoctrination would be used. Isn’t that charge equally applicable to Ofsted inspectors? It has been recorded that they are empowered to interview a child; one to one privately in a schoolroom without parental consent. Asking intimate questions of a type that would not have entered the mind of an average teenager, even in the early 1960’s. Dutifully promoting lifestyle choices opposed to the very things some traditional schools are trying to protect children from: such as indoctrinating the open minds of children into the very diverse world of the LGBT culture. Questions like: Do you know what a lesbian is? Are you happy in your gender? These kinds of questions are being asked by government officials to children.  That is their mission, and they are permitted to do it without hindrance. Ofsted are authorised to teach the permitted doctrine of the State and no one has the authority to prevent them. Here is a quote from a Christian Institute article.

‘At Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland, primary school children said they were asked if they knew of any boys or girls who thought they were in the wrong body, and if they knew what gays and lesbians did… The mother of one pupil stated: “The questioning was completely inappropriate, they asked her what lesbians were, and whether she felt trapped in someone else’s body.” The head teacher said: “Pupils were embarrassed and surprised to be asked questions about sexuality. The offer of a one-to-one meeting with an inspector, who was a complete stranger to them, in order to discuss personal matters of sexuality was also viewed with alarm by some parents.” Following the inspection in November 2014, the school was rated ‘Inadequate’, with the draft Ofsted report stating that: “The Christian ethos of the school permeates much of the school’s provision. This has restricted the development of a broad and balanced approach to the curriculum.” Ofsted failed to investigate the conduct of its inspectors, and the Department for Education has now forced the school to be transferred to a secular trust.’

In its ‘Integrated Household Survey’, the Office for National Statistics asks 178,197 people about their sexual identity. Most chose to answer. These are the figures. 93.5% of people said they were ‘heterosexual’ or ‘straight’. 1.1% said they were ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’. 0.4% admitted to being bisexual. That’s a lot of people, but its still a tiny minority. Do they deserve to be heard? Yes of course. Is their influence massively disproportionate? Absolutely! And it is currently being enforced as a vital component part of educational standards in the UK. That is indoctrination sponsored by the State.

I hope you will appreciate the disconnect in terms of justice. Since it is a fact that those who stand opposed to this mission by government agencies, and are willing to protest, may be liable to the threat of censure of the same kind being applied to individuals and schools. You see it is OK for a person like myself to be hated for expressing views on actions I believe to be dangerous and wrong. Hate crime is a perverse and very nasty weapon when put into the hands of ideologues like the politically correct. If this continues then I think that for free speech, rights to protest against the liberal left and preach the full gospel of Jesus, including the writings of Paul, will soon be over.

Below is a video presentation by a doctor deeply concerned about where the LGBT issue is leading us, one of the few of a rapidly diminishing group of experts prepared to challenge its core beliefs. The reason being the threat of losing their jobs in a profession they have dedication their lives. None of the LGBT beliefs stand before the medical facts, as Dr Saunders demonstrates. We are being led by the nose into a world of medical experimentation; with people and organisations dedicated to health care coerced into using their patients as unwitting guinea pigs. I hesitate to use the use word Frankenstein, but it does seem to apply. No one knows the long term effects of drug therapy and surgery on those undergoing the processes involved. Many of the individuals under treatment are known to be vulnerable, sometimes autistic. This entire lifestyle is known to lead to increases in almost every type of negative data regarding health issues, both physical and mental, including psychological issues, unhappiness, depression, anxiety  and suicide. At least one study into whether or not decisions made to accept drug therapy and surgery are later regretted was closed down. If the LGBT issue was not an ideology it would by now have been shut down with immediate effect, reconsidered and critically assessed. The chances of that? Nil!



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