The Search for Intelligence in Nature’s Systems

The subjects of this article are all very small, but beautifully formed.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and involved in almost every bodily function, including growth and development, healing and repair, normal digestion, and providing energy for your body. You will have been taught that evolution, given a long enough time period can work to produce these amino acids and proteins. My question is simple and direct: could time and chance ever combine so effectively to produce these apparent miracles? Because if not, then design of an exquisite type and from an intelligence far in advance of ours is the only alternative answer. This means either a Godlike being or the Richard Dawkins alternative: a highly evolved extra-terrestrial of unspecified origin and character who first developed life, then took an unspecified length of vacation across the universe in order to seed its novel invention on earth.  Don’t believe me, then please watch the interview with Ben Stein.


Strange how Dawkins could not only invent such a being, but also propose its charitable intervention on our behalf. Having stepped tentatively into the realm of science fiction and made a considerable fool of himself he then continued his lucrative career as a God basher and of denying the possibility of any form of Intelligent Design in nature.  

So, design or chance? Please watch the three very short videos below and make your own mind up.

Here is the continuation of the talk.

And one more time.

The speaker mentions a protein called Kinesin. It is like all the machines working in our body made from amino acids. Just look and be amazed.


So what are the chances of winning the lottery involved in putting us humans together? For any living organism to form and live its life would represent at least in general statistical terms, a continual unbroken progressive winning streak beyond any possible calculation. Kinesin and other motors are in every cell of your body in huge numbers and variety, and the number of cells range from thirty to one hundred trillion. 

You have heard the odds against a small protein being created, but take a protein like Titin. It is a giant among minnows. A protein requiring a massive 34,000 amino acids. Each one of these 34,000 has to be located exactly right and all of them without exception must be left-handed. Titin’s primary purpose is to act like whopping big rubber bands in our muscles. But let’s pass on, assume its importance for muscle use and consider that this protein evolved by chance in order to fulfil this function. The problems are, firstly it defies commonsense, secondly no imaginable evolutionary process gets near explaining the range of specified functions, and thirdly it could never have done so for the statistical reasons referred to in the video above. The chances of an amino chain this long forming by time and chance  is to push statistical analysis beyond its mathematical limits.

Just how clever and interlinked these foundational processes leading to life are, is demonstrated by the video below.


We are taught that all these essential units at the nano level of life evolved out of the original primordial soup. The idea of the primordial soup was originally proposed by Alexander Oparin and John Haldane as a possible explanation for the creation of life on our planet. The theory states that if energy is added to the gases that made up Earth’s early atmosphere, then the building blocks of life would be created. You now know that nineteenth century knowledge and all the conclusions built upon it, which includes neo Darwinism, have been left for dead by what has become known in the 21st century. My hope is that within the next half century most of Darwinism will have been consigned to the same fate. We should however acknowledge its crowning glory. Darwin’s discovery of natural selection does work to cause some change in species. Epi-genetics, which is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression, rather than alteration of the genetic code itself is the science dealing with this phenomena. It can cause finch beaks on the Galapagos Islands to change seasonally in size and shape. But to change or evolve the finch into another type of bird or a chimp into a human has never been demonstrated. There are genetic boundaries which cannot be crossed. 

Modern science has seen the potential in these molecular machines. Work from the University of Wales demonstrates the undeniable; that this naturally birthed nano-technology is intelligently designed. Here is a paraphrased account from the work being done at this university. Micro and nano-motors found in living organisms demonstrate machines capable of converting chemical or external energy into mechanical motion. These motors have proved their potential and represent intelligent biomedical platforms. Their movement is accomplished by the conversion of energy, transforming such varied forms of energy as electrical, light, heat, ultrasound, magnetic fields and chemical fuels. Such self-propelled chemical motors have proved their potential for a number of applications. These include controlled drug delivery, sensors, and even environmental use. 

In conclusion to suggest anything less than intelligent design with regard to what you have seen and heard makes a mockery of our capacity to analyse data and form rational conclusions.


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