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The following was said about the knife crime epidemic that is becoming the shame of London. This was written in 2018.

“So the forlorn attempts by politicians and media to ignore this truth…to avoid ‘stigmatising’ minority communities…has been counterproductive, a hand-wringing dereliction of responsibility.”

“It might make ‘right-on’ white liberals feel better. But the price of their smugness is an ongoing bloody massacre of black children with a casualty list that seems to lengthen by the day.”

These are observations made by the former Equality Commissioner Trevor Phillips. He was also head of the European Convention of Human Rights. Trevor Phillips is a black man, the son of poor immigrant parents and one of the few people close to government brave enough to speak out. He states that most of the recent crime waves involving violence and knife crime are black on black. These youths, many of them children have come from war torn countries having been brutalised by their experiences. Some of these have been either victims or perpetrators of violence who grew up to see other ethnic groups as enemies. They are continuing their wars and hatreds in our capital city and in other major cities around the country. This information comes from a man of high status and impeccable reputation for honesty. He is alarmed that our government and its agencies refuse to face the issue. He describes these children as living in ghettos. He blames “white liberals” describing them as “hand-wringing” rather than doing anything. They do this not because they are unaware, but to avoid facing the racial connection. They do not want to be perceived as stigmatising minorities. Phillips says there is a black massacre going on. What do the white liberal elites do? They continue to bury embarrassing and shaming data.

We have developed a cowardly politically correct attitude to abject failures in our society. It seems to pervade the corridors of power and have infected the bureaucrats who, rather than serve the interests of the public, are instead protective of our legislators. They cover up the mess. We have created a society based not on morality and self-discipline, but on avoiding the consequences of cause and effect. Successive governments cannot face what they have done, which was to restructure our society in ways that are proving to be catastrophic. In 2011 our former Prime Minister David Cameron told us that multiculturalism had failed. He launched an attack on 30 years of multiculturalism in Britain, warning it fostered extremist ideology and directly contributed to home-grown Islamic terrorism. He urged that we in Britain must adopt a policy of “muscular liberalism” to enforce the values of equality, law and freedom of speech across all parts of society.

What did Cameron do other than make the statement? Arguably he made the situation much worse. The bureaucrats in the CPS, Police and local councils and others ensured that the issues identified were dealt with by ignoring them if possible, or hiding the evidence whenever a conscientious official became a whistle-blower. He or she would be effectively silenced; one labour MP suggested keeping critics mouths shut would contribute to the advance of diversity. This was all horribly exposed in the media and in recent Parliamentary Committees looking into the Sex Grooming cases involving men from that most protected of minority groups: Islam. Cameron and others representing the establishment then set sail in the direction of imposing British Values. To what effect? To muffle the sounds of free speech. Terrorism continued and extremism has not decreased. Muscular liberalism has ensured the very problems he highlighted would be kicked into the long grass. If it were not for people of principle like Trevor Phillips we would hear very few honest assessments.

Multiculturalism may have failed, but it has admittedly provided us with many benefits: not least in staffing the NHS and care industries. Immigrants have brightened our lives not least with different foods and tastes and restaurants. Livened us up in many ways, including meeting and interacting with foreigners from all parts of the world. That all these have enriched us culturally is hard to deny, and personally I have no desire to deny it. These benefits have entered my own family. However this is experienced against a black backdrop of terrorism, failures to integrate, a hatred of democracy and free speech, and caused an increase in crime. Major and continued terrorism from a non Islamic source was last experienced during the Irish Troubles. It was caused by two separate communities seemingly incapable of coming together. The reasons were political, cultural and religious. This was a British problem which has been in large part solved.

Islam is unique among the world’s major religions; there is no separation between religion and state, which is unlike the relationship in the West between church and state. Islam is a religion and culture of an evangelistic type, historically based on force and conquest. It holds fast to a characteristic which cannot be circumvented. Islamic countries are theocracies; they are ruled not by only by secular politicians but by their faith and their clergy. When push comes to shove the rule of Allah given through his prophet Muhammad and written in the Quran, is their law. It reigns above the secular authourities in Islamic States, and in the minds of devout Muslims above those of a host nation like ours. British Muslims who care little for their faith are no problem, but those that do adhere closely to their faith, or become through radicalisation extremely devout can be, and often are a problem. Which is a major reason why multiculturalism has failed throughout Europe. Allah will always hold the loyalty of practising Muslims and will do so against any form of coercion. How to solve it? Ask me another question. I do not have a clue other than to slow Islamic immigration to a trickle. As that would seem to be picking on a protected minority and therefore be non PC, I think this would be unlikely to happen.  Our politicians are tied hand and fist by their own blighted and cock-eyed legislation to anything beyond mouthing platitudes, and that is why they obfuscate: (obscure, confuse, blur, muddle, complicate, garble, muddy, cloud), hide from the truth and bury the negative data.

The video below is a conversation relating to the book The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. He is a British author, journalist, and political commentator. He is the founder of the Centre for Social Cohesion and is the associate director of the Henry Jackson Society and associate editor of the British political and cultural magazine The Spectator. As we are part of Europe everything said applies equally to us, and what is said is scary.


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