We live in a society in which rights dominate. In this case the victims are the most vulnerable category of humanity there is: the unborn. They have no voice because a craven legislature folded under pressure and left them open to the death penalty.  Choosing the right of choice over what was once understood to be nature’s greatest gift, the conception of a child. Never have self serving definitions of rights been so abused. Ask a newly pregnant mother, one who wants her child, what is growing in her body. She will respond, “It is my child” or “our child.” Redefine child as a foetus and you strip it of not only its rights but its humanity. We all know what is growing in a mother’s womb following conception. The debate is a sham. The unborn son or daughter is in its natural state at that time in its journey towards birth. Everyone knows it, but the knowledge is buried along with the child victim in the cause of a right no mother has, except in extremis: risk of severe medical harm or death. I realise that complex and awful circumstances often exist where there is no simple solution, but it is not these cases that concern me here. They need to be settled on a case by case basis. It is the abortion industry which conspires with state approval to do what amounts to unspeakably horrible mutilating acts in order to remove a perfectly formed human life from its natural and only safe haven. I repeat, they take a living human in its natural state and kill it.

Think for a moment of a human performing necessary maintenance  work on the exterior of a space station. He will be in a space suit supplied with air in order to breathe. He is human and perfectly well adapted to survive due to the care and attention devoted to his safety. Above all protection from the life threatening atmosphere millimetres from his vital organs. Destroy the life saving space suit and breathing equipment, rip him out of the atmosphere that keeps him safe and he will die. It is exactly the same for the embryo which exists in an environment perfectly formed to protect it until it is safe to begin its new life, filling its lungs with air. The viability argument that won the day for the abortionists was about the most specious ever used to win a vote, let alone bring a viable life to a truly ghastly end. If for no other reason I thank God for his existence as Judge. Because this is an ongoing holocaust perpetuated without shame or remorse and sanctioned at the highest levels of government.

God’s laws are often considered repressive, but just think about the awful consequences resulting from freeing ourselves from the strict rules of sexual conduct. The inevitable effects of breaking the norms of stable societies such as ours are serious. Social experiments can lead to truly awful, tragic destinations. Freeing society from biblical norms have served neither us or the truth well. They merit the condemnation of God, and that condemnation, hated though it will be, should be preached by the Church. Among the greatest crusades fought against the moral values of Christian teachings have been those relating to the exercise of sexual freedoms. These are exemplified by 1967 Abortion Act. Feminism had its greatest triumph, emancipation from the curse of an unwanted child. In an age of human rights and care for the victimised the most silent and vulnerable are stripped of their humanity and denied the chance of life. If we could look back and see the trail of devastation left behind we might begin to think in terms of repentance, which is the first step on the way back. It does not matter what we have done, God is there for us; but we have to confess we have done wrong once we have come to realise that while we have human rights, these do not condone acts against what God has ordained. And the deliberate killing of another human being is against God’s law. The doctor in the following video had killed 1200 unborn children. He knows what he is talking about.


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