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A person says what he believes to be true and is pilloried all over the media and by every individual and group terrified of being found on the wrong side of a P.C. dogma. The picture above illustrates one thing that never happens when a voice is heard saying something politically incorrect on a public forum like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Doves do not rise beating their wings, nor do they meet and greet in the air while bearing olive branches, or confer on each other the kiss of peace.


Diversity, equality and tolerance tsars paradoxically cannot tolerate voices prepared to speak out and say: “I do not agree” with the gathering consensus. The England rugby player Billy Vunipola posted on Instagram comments which made headline news across the media. He is a traditional Christian and believes homosexuality is a sin. His post had approved a previous one written by Australian rugby star Israel Folau. This had listed numerous sins, one of them being homosexuality. Sin is a word rarely heard nowadays and it has taken a couple of rugby players from the South Pacific Islands to briefly return it to the front pages. These people take their faith seriously, and this includes heaven and hell and sin and the necessity to repent while still loving those of all opinions and lifestyles. Personally my understanding of this is that I am commanded to love lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons as individuals, but have no equal command to love the group identity of any of these. In the same way as I can in Christ love a Marxist while hating Marxism and love a sinner while hating Sin. The knowledge that I too am a sinner keeps the accuser in me in check.

Take away the concept of sin and all three monotheistic religions, those of the Jews, Christians and Muslims would fade away. With regard to the Judaeo / Christian heritage, had this sin and redemption link been lost it would have swept aside the moral, ethical and legal foundations of Western Civilisation. If we can no longer speak of these things in the modern world then go ahead and celebrate; but realise this, you will pay the cost later when you find freedoms important to you and which are firmly based on biblical principles, may be lost beyond recall. The first principle to go will be the value placed on the individual. That your life is important and sacred and unique. That is true whether we like it or not, but modern society has replaced this safeguard on your life with a lesser concept: that of the hive and the ants nest. A kind of group identity social order, embedded in left-wing politics and currently infecting conservatism. This shift in the social order has already becoming apparent. It has legal and moral force and apparent social acceptance, although the cowered silent majority might secretly think otherwise. And it is grossly intolerant, as the Billy Vunipola episode demonstrates. To contradict any part of the status quo is in old currency, a sin: an aberrant thought, a misdemeanour. This turns the tables and people like Vunipola become a type of modern sinner. A strange result in a liberal democracy, because this carries echoes of Old Testament scapegoating. Being made an outcast he is now required to do penance, both privately and publicly. Only then can he can hope to begin rebuilding his reputation.

Billy Vunipola  has upset a large contingent of the most easily upset, and is experiencing the enforcement of politically correct opinion levelled at him by rugby’s officialdom. At the forefront of this is his club Saracens, behind that comes the national bulk of the Rugby Football Union. Both of these need to be appeased, after that come the vengeful hordes of social media warriors, mounted on thousands of keyboards tuned in to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All of this caused by posting a critical comment on a subject about which you are not allowed to publicly express disapproval; not unless the comment has been self moderated to such a degree it no longer resembles your true opinion. He had chosen to ‘Like’ an Izzy Folau post on the possible fate of homosexuals. A brave but unwise move in the current environment. In the immediate aftermath Vunipola restated his views.

“So this morning I got 3 phone calls from people telling me to ‘unlike’ the @izzyfolau post. This is my position on it. I don’t HATE anyone neither do I think I’m perfect. There just comes a point when you insult what I grew up believing in that you just say enough is enough, what he’s ( Folau ) saying isn’t that he doesn’t like or love those people. He’s saying how we live our lives needs to be closer to how God intended them to be.

“Man was made for woman to procreate, that was the goal no? I’m not perfect, I’m at least everything on that list at least at one point in my life. It hurts to know that.

“But that’s why I believe there’s a God. To guide and protect us and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Interesting he uses the words ‘insult what I grew up believing.’ There is no protection for any insult he feels, or upset he experiences, or legal redress for trespassing on his rights or his dignity due to his belief system. And what is his crime? What did he do wrong? All he was doing was recording what he believes God thinks of homosexuality. And according to that belief he must protest if he feels the impulse to do so comes from his Christian conscience. He is not saying he is better than anyone or that he always gets it right, he is just saying what he believes to be true. God made us to be male and female and told us that sex was only valid within the context of marriage between male and female. The ultimate objective of this union, beyond sharing love for one another is the procreation of children. Such an event is predicated on a union between man and woman, with the former having a functioning penis and the latter a vagina, breasts for milk production, and a womb. These facts of life and procreation are in accord with every cell in every organ of their very different bodies.

Vunipola has been evangelised from birth in his faith. The process has a name, it is to be proselytised. It is a process not confined to Christians. Gay publications like Stonewall and Pink News do exactly the same, they proselytise. A word meaning among other things: to evangelise, promote, advocate, endorse, champion, advance, propagandise, boost…in other words, put into effect what lobbyists of every type from the left, right and centre do on a regular basis. From believers in God to atheists, from political parties to gay activists; they all do this incessantly: promote what they believe. The LGBT lobby are the masters and mistresses of this process, getting their agendas advanced by government organisations like Ofsted, a pliant compromised Church, and through the media, and finally by playing the victimised minority card which ensures the sympathy of nearly everyone. Which is the reason why Vunipola is being so vilified and humiliated. The correct punishment for a big bullying Christian man. What could be worse than such a person? Oh yes, he could be white, which he is not.

Vunipola is clearly a soft hearted man, essentially gentle and humble and much liked. A man brought up to believe in God and the Bible. Is he, a product of a Christian upbringing, not permitted to speak out his faith as he understands it? The answer to that is clearly no, certainly not in the manner he chose. Gays however are given every incentive and every advantage in promoting their lifestyle? They have protection and are encouraged to express themselves and state exactly who they are and what they want. Look around you, pay attention and note for example how the major cities around the globe welcome massive Gay Pride celebrations to close their main streets to normal traffic. Even government ministries and places of education, from universities to primary schools carry the message promoting the Gay Lifestyle. If only it were a good model to follow. Statistics prove the opposite: it is known to be physically and mentally unhealthy. It increases risks of suicide and STD’s and decreases life expectancy. Also LGBT relationships tend to break up faster than those recorded among heterosexuals. And yet the State and the Media seem intent on promoting the lifestyle to our children. I find that offensive, it hurts my feelings and causes fear about what will happen to parents who want the best for their children. But no-one cares what I think or feel, care of that type is confined to favoured groups with very effective activists promoting their ideologies. The influence bearing down on school curriculum’s has reached to such a level that it is causing those in the teaching profession who oppose it to resign, or risk dismissal. A case reported today. A school assistant has been sacked after reacting to plans for teaching LGBT relationships in primary schools. Her name is Kristie Higgs. As to Billy Vunipola, here is another opinion on the matter, from an England teammate, Courtney Laws. He not a Christian, just a person capable of dissociating the contents of a post from its unintended consequences. He was writing to his friend.

 ‘I don’t have a faith like yourself my brother so I don’t share the same views in this matter but I do believe you should be able to voice your own opinions and beliefs as you see fit.

‘To everyone getting worked up about this post I ask you if you don’t believe in the same things as them then what do these statements matter to you? Can’t we disagree with someone without calling them a bigot or a homophobe…?

‘And by the way If you’re going to say you’re accepting of everyone then be accepting of everyone, not just the people you agree with.’

I could not put it better so I will say nothing more on the matter of Vunipola’s Instagram post and its reaction. We do however live in a society where favoured individuals and groups can terrorise those who express a counter opinion. There is no justice in this country that guarantees rights of free speech for all, and yet nothing is more serious. If you doubt me then just watch those who are going to either fall or be thrown under whatever laws are now being conceived in the parliamentary and judicial pipelines. The grip will be further and further tightened unless there is a reaction, one of a hopefully peaceful nature, when the debate can be opened up so that each side can freely and without censure state their positions.

What about the Gay community? Shouldn’t it be left alone to live as it wants in peace and quiet. The answer to that is almost certainly yes, sexual orientation is an individual choice. Many, possibly most may prefer to keep their lives private, as do most heterosexuals. However, there are parts of the homosexual community who want to parade their lifestyle before the world. OK, they have the right, but do not expect it to please those who find the lifestyle they promote to be detrimental to society at large. Particularly when they find this lifestyle positively endorsed at every level; and to such an extent it is compulsorily taught as a positive good to very young Jewish, Christian and Muslim schoolchildren.

Christians like Israel Folau and Billy Vunipola and many others including myself have had their noses rubbed in the Rainbow agenda for decades, without having the right to have much of a say. Gay Pride events are, it seems to me, a direct and intentional poke in the eye to those who hold traditional values on moral behaviour, and uphold known biological differences between the sexes which make it impossible for a female to become a male and visa versa. Stating a scientific fact is even becoming dangerous, since any proof which denies that a choice of sexual identity is medically realisable may well be ruled as inadmissible. The bible clearly endorses sex between male and female while prohibiting it between those of the same sex. These huge LGBT carnival like parades are part celebration and part two fingered mocking gesture aimed at the monotheistic religions and their teaching on sexual relations and God’s revelation. That is why Jews, Christians and Muslims, and people like Billy Vunipola have chosen to speak out.

Imagine for a moment that the reverse was happening. Once a year huge colourful rainbow coloured celebratory marches in the centres of major cities filled with slogans like these: Equal Rights For Christians / Vunipola Has Rights As Well / Man was Made for Woman / Marriage is God’s Plan for Male and Female Only / Best For Children To Have a Biologically Male Father and a Biologically Female Mother / God Hates Sin / Homosexuality Is a Sin / The Rainbow Was Created By and Belongs To God.

I know what Stonewall and Pink News would fill their pages with. This is Incendiary! Provocative! Shameful! Hateful! Bigoted! Inflammatory! Homophobic!

What about Christophobia? Bibleophobia? There are no such words, but why not? Essentially there are no differences between Gay slogans and Christian. The former are open to anyone doing anything, all is love and happiness, so fighting against something is not really relevant or on their horizon. But they do not like being criticised or their lifestyle condemned. That is unreasonable, you put yourself out there and make a big noise about it then you should expect some kind of reaction, some of which will be negative. If you deny well established facts from science and biology and psychology which undermine your claims, and place reasonable question marks over much of your message, then you should expect to be challenged. Christians do not much mind being criticised. We expect it, because we care about the truth and therefore must speak out against what we believe to be wrong or opposed to God’s will and the commandments set out in the Old and New Testaments. Why? Because we believe God made us and gave us rules for living and that breaking those rules and standards opens us up to consequences. The truth is that elements of both sides are equally offended by the teachings and actions of the other. Let me make it plain. When I see a Gay Pride celebration broadcast on the news or some other outlet I find it upsetting and threatening. The difference is that Gays have redress under homophobic hate law. People like Billy Vunipola have no legal redress or even the right to comment negatively. And those like myself who support him must keep silent and bite our lip, hide our tears and bury our grief out of sight and sound of those who could and might pursue us into the law courts.

This issue is a primary lever in a state sponsored attempt to remove traditional Christian values from every sphere of social influence. It has become an infestation in schooling. Teachers are being removed for the smallest of misdemeanours. Below is a video it is hard to believe could be true. How can this be happening in our country?



A Catholic mother of five in the UK is being investigated by police for “misgendering” the son of a transgender activist who arranged for her 15-year-old son to be castrated in Thailand. The reason being this is an illegal procedure for a child of that age in the UK. Also this month, we heard ( story from the website LIFESITE news ) that parents in the UK who objected when their autistic teenage son was prescribed hormone therapy ran into trouble with the authorities. After their son told his school that his parents wouldn’t allow him to undergo the so-called treatment, the school reported the parents to child services for being “emotionally abusive.” The parents were then warned that if they didn’t support their child, he could be taken away from them and put into foster care. According to The Daily Mail, last year at least three children were taken away from their parents and put into foster care, because their parents objected to their gender transition. This is totalitarian in spirit. An ideology is driving a programmed intrusion into areas once believed to be a parental responsibility, therefore sacrosanct and outside state control.

Billy Vunipola is not an oppressor, he is a victim of a society moving away from everything he, and once we as a nation, held to be true: the Christian Faith.

Finally here is a calm reasoned view from a Christian perspective which lays out the ground upon which we make our assumptions. I recommend this partly because it is so different to the way I tend to express myself. I am not unaware of my faults and sins.



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