Feminism At Odds With Itself


Below is a video you should watch before reading the article. A women’s protest is joined by a woman interviewer asking a very difficult question.


If you have watched the video you will know what this is all about. Here is a list of core feminist beliefs: Sexism exists / Sexism against women (misogyny) is enduring, pervasive, systemic, cultural, and ingrained / Men and women should have equal rights and opportunities / Women are intellectual equals and social equals to men / Women should be recognised and treated as equals to men. This may be controversial, but I will ask the question anyway. Do feminists believe what they profess to believe? They were holding placards with the words End Violence Against Women written on them. They were being asked about violence against women by Muslim men. Almost every statement on the feminists list is to one degree or another opposed by the religion and culture of Islam. Not one of these feisty women on their crusade to put men in their place are prepared to face facts they cannot handle.  Not a word is uttered in reply to the interviewer which indicates they care about Muslim women who suffer under Sharia law. I am not trying to imply that many Muslim marriages are not successful and based on loving relationships, but to deny there is a cultural problem is not an option. The facts speak against these women who seemed determined to either blank the interviewer or express astonishment at her remarks. Do they not know about the rights given to Muslim husbands over the freedoms of their wives?

This is my conclusion.

1 Sexism against women (misogyny) is enduring, pervasive, systemic, cultural, and ingrained in Islam

2 Men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. In Islam these rights and opportunities are largely dependant on the cooperation or kindness of their husbands.

3 In Islam women are not normally regarded as  either intellectual or social equals to men.

4 Women should be recognised and treated as equals to men, but in Islam they are not.

That is every rule of feminism broken and done without apparent interest or awareness. If in today’s society Christianity was seen to be supportive of doctrines even approaching those of Islam in this area of women’s rights, then the Church would be vilified without remorse by these crusaders for Feminism. And rightly so! If the knowledge of these protesters is so deficient they do not know what happens under Sharia Law, or the culture pervading much of Islam, then they are guilty of either wilful ignorance or monumental hypocrisy. I think the latter is true. Feminists regard themselves as an oppressed minority, and they cannot it appears apply their critical faculties against another supposedly oppressed minority: such as Islam.

All the information that follows which is marked by a hashtag is from a source supportive of Women’s Rights.

# Harmful practices, such as Female Genital Mutilation and “Child marriage”, are violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms. But they are all commonplace and sanctioned in many parts of the world under the rule of Shariah Law.

# Women’s rights defenders in Saudi Arabia have been arrested and accused of treason.

# Sabiha, a 32-year-old woman, was raped by a relative. Her family and local community pressured her into marrying her rapist. This to remove the dishonour put upon her family. Her rapist escaped all punishment by marrying her. She had been regularly raped for nine months. She forced him him to leave and got a divorce. Her family prevented her from continuing her work or from leaving her home. This happened in Iraq in 2018.

# A young Sudanese girl was forcefully married off at 16 years of age to an older man she was forced to marry. He raped her while three of his male relatives held her down. On one of these rape attempts she fought him and stabbed him with a knife.  The man died. The girl whose name is Noura was convicted of murder on the 10th of May, 2018 and was sentenced to hang.

These cases are not from a right wing source but from one that should be required reading by feminists. These are paraphrased accounts from reports published by Equality Now. The subtitle on the website page states: A just world for women and girls.

Just look at the crimes that have been reported in the UK concerning the sex gangs and their use of white girls as sexual currency in a criminal conspiracy that continued throughout England for close to two decades. Everything written in this section is the result of Muslim violations of human rights. But they happen in both Islamic States and in countries that have taken in great numbers of Muslim men. These crimes against humanity have two common factors, a culture that seems to accept this kind of behaviour, and men prepared to take advantage. These men are no doubt unrepresentative, but they exist in large enough numbers and are protected sufficiently to cause unimaginable suffering to females.

AND YET! The feminists on this march seem oblivious to the facts. They react as they do because they are blinkered and constrained for politically correct reasons. PC does that to both individuals and organisations. It was the reason why Pakistani sex gangs were left free from police intervention for so long, it has become a national scandal. Politically correct views on racism and Islamophobia prevented the authorities from taking action. Which makes these highly politicised bands of sisters dangerous. Pressure groups such as those represented by these protesters seem to me to wave their flags and mouth their slogans alright, but lack the capacity to see beyond their cause. They do not see nor do they want to see the other side of the argument. They are myopic and it shows in the incomprehension on their faces when confronted by a different and contrary view. I can understand why they protest, and they may have a point; however it becomes lost when the only bee in their bonnet is shown to be just one of a hive.

I have placed a video below which is relevant to the issue of feminists shutting their ears to known facts about abuses suffered by many thousands of females in the UK. Can they face an uncomfortable truth? The fact that their avowed desire to protect women from male violence has limits. That their interest in these issues depends on who these male perpetrators are? Because this matter of facing an uncomfortable truth is clearly laid out in the presentation below. It is a failure that spread itself across a wide spectrum. From feminist activists to police officers and heads of major councils and government agencies; most of which would have placed care of female children high on their list of priorities. The failure to act on their behalf relates to a culture that somehow permitted Muslim men to look at young girls and see nothing but “white trash”. Human garbage to be used at will and abused in as many ways as can be imagined when it comes to sexual violence. Those feminist protesters above cannot have been ignorant about scandals that gave rise to global publicity. The must have seen and read about it, and yet could not say a word of condemnation about the men responsible. Why? For the same reasons the authorities responsible for the girls safety could not act: their politically correct agendas would not permit them to act. If the Muslim men where reprehensible, then what can be said of those authorities which should have known so much better? If you watch this calm but deeply moving account by a very decent man you will be shocked beyond measure. There was a conspiracy of silence. The man in the video below was a key factor in breaking that silence.



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