Post Modernism. What Is It & What Has It Replaced?


To replace one thing for another involves the matter of trust. Who or what is responsible for the changes that have and are occurring in the present age? Most of those experienced over the last decade or so have resulted from pressure groups: climate change and trans lobbies provide two vivid examples. I look around the world today and I see a changed world. Nobody as far as I am aware ever asked anyone about the wisdom or desirability of the ongoing changes which are not trivial: on the contrary they are foundational. They fall into a category titled Post Modernism which is really nothing more than an updated radical version of how reality is viewed. It involves dismantling the framework which supported the principles upon which the modern world was based. It began with a sneering hatred and revulsion for the version of history I was taught as a child to both love and admire. Our history is based on the development of Western Civilisation and founded on the Christian Faith. Britain;s history as seen through modern eyes has become a shameful spectre, an aberration called the British Empire. A stain which must be apologised for and erased. This is a subject I have written about in an article titled The Stigma of Empire. Today we are taught to turn our faces away in shame from what was done by our ancestors. The faith, principles and laws which defined the modern age into which I was born in 1944 are being systematically pulled down and stigmatised. Once such an act of vandalism has been activated it becomes easy to teach and inspire a new generation with a new vision. Living with justified shame is hard enough, but to have undeserved shame placed on the shoulders of a generation is to breed one lost to the truth. Which just happens in my opinion to be the primary objective of postmodernists. Truth has been erased and facts are things of the past. The facts of life which were once a guide to adolescents is now seen as a false creed. Self proclaimed identities are the modern thing, consequently you and I must bow before proclamations of self which can leave a penis hanging between the legs of a person who self identifies as a female. A feature of modern life which has outraged feminists. Everybody is enraged by everyone else as each extreme sub section of society seeks a safe haven for their crusade.

The prophet Isaiah wrote this: “So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.”

Principles from the past, in case you have forgotten them or never knew them are as follows: the list on the left. What has arisen to replace them are on the right.

Image result for modern age versus postmodern age

There is a huge difference between the two, and the former has morphed into the latter with amazing speed and finality. If you felt the world of your parents or grandparents was like walking with a stone in your shoe, then this new version of reality gets rid of the stone. Life gets easier to live; your personal freedoms are enhanced and any consequences for getting it wrong are lessened. This alternative theory is a broad belief system tied to philosophical and humanist thought. Political Correctness is one result of this philosophy. One that elevates contemporary and heavily interpreted truth-claims to levels high enough to attain political acceptance. It can suggest the meaning of words can be better represented by the reader than the author. If you are a Christian, you will have seen this applied to the Bible.

In brief, postmodern theory sees reality as what individuals or social groups like it to be and if possible, politically make it to be. This is a modern concoction that can take in almost anything and rearrange its content to make it digestible. Its thinking has entered us and as far as I can understand it is acting like a virus. Aspiring elites form around protest movements, and then like three years old’s use their perceived victim-hood against those they accuse of misusing their authority through discrimination and oppression. As with the tyrannically minded three year old child, every time the parent or authority figure gives way they take the vacated ground and cry for for more room in order to express themselves. This is true of all those groups usurping the rights of the majority, and because the majority are an ill defined mass without a coherent voice it folds before each advance. Movements pursuing narrow agendas against those groups and individual to which have the word phobia can be attached are almost guaranteed to have their demands enacted. To be accused of homo or Islamophobia, or opposed to feminism or trans rights to do whatever they want is to be found guilty of grievous offences against the new order of society. Harbouring thoughts of traditional values and fixed beliefs regarding normal and natural is to be seen as aberrant, a stain on society. Veganism has been awarded equal rights to those of a religion. Presumably veganophobia will be added to the growing list of protest movements guarded by the threats of hate crime legislation. Our government has enshrined the rights of minorities above those of the majority. They have written these rights into the law and are very willing to prosecute offenders.

British Values, Diversity, Equality and Political Correctness. Are they the way ahead or a dead end.

This is the battle ground, and the war is between a secular society seeking its own way and two religions it has to deal with: Christianity and Islam; neither of which can ever live altogether comfortably with each other, or with a state that chooses to follow a Post Truth, Post Modern way of life. Post Truth and Post Modernism are not benign ideologies, not if you disagree with their core principles. Now State Laws are as doctrinaire as any religion. Political Correctness is a vicious device which encourages conformity while ensuring that opposition is seen as a reactionary response deserving censure. In my view protest groups like the English Defence League would not exist if the huge right wing of society had a voice in the centre of our political arena. Many in the Labour Party have moved far to the Marxist left, the Tories have regrouped and chosen to occupy territory once covered by Tony Blair’s New Labour. The once called right wing of politics has been shoved into a category that even the modern Conservative Party would reject as a label. Right wing is becoming or has already become a toxic brand wrapped in the Union Jack and illustrated by the worst of our society, racist and homophobic. No political party can afford being tarnished by this partial caricature.

Speaking of Political Correctness gone wrong you can watch a really disturbing video shown below. It is an interview between the Private Eye editor and Have I Got News For You panellist Ian Hislop, and the once disgraced Apprentice star and Sun journalist Katie Hopkins. Hislop is questioning Hopkins about remarks made in one of her articles. The language she has used in this article is shocking and in my view rightly condemned. But, and its a big BUT she has a point, one which only becomes clear at the close of this videoed encounter between left and right wings. As you will see in this interview is deadly serious. To Hopkins her accuser is a representative of the Establishment: a preening, self satisfied, self righteous liberal who thinks himself sat opposite a right wing bigot. Hopkins to her credit has not just sat around pontificating about subjects like immigration. She has put herself in danger, she has seen the threatening effects of immigration face to face in a very dangerous area of Stockholm. At the close of the interview she makes an utterly chilling comment. It really is worth hearing and seeing, it left me with much to think about. One of the great problems of our age is that public concerns which do not meet with the approval of the state are not addressed.

Here is another view on the subject of Post Modernism.

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