None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See


The impacts of Islamic culture upon our own has been graphically demonstrated in the strangest of ways. How British Values and a culture of Political Correctness protected sexual abusers.

The sex scandals involving huge numbers of troubled white girls being groomed into sexual slavery by Muslim men became public when this trade in so called ‘white trash’ was first exposed in Rotherham and Rochdale. 1400 girls forced into sexual slavery by ruthless vicious pimps. On the 23rd of February 2018 the headline news was that the sex scandals were continuing in Newcastle, with women as well as girls being preyed upon. The comment was made that there is reason to believe this is ongoing not just in Newcastle but nationally. Sex crime will never end but if the causes can be identified a start can be made. But what has happened here is more complex. A culture exists which seems to think this treatment of white girls is not as offensive as it seems to others. That if true is bad enough, what actually happened was perhaps even worse in the sense that authorities set up to protect the vulnerable became blind to their fate for politically correct reasons. The fear of being accused of racism against a protected minority.

Before going further it needs to be said that sexual predators can be found in any group, and paedophilia, perhaps the ugliest of all sexual crimes is in the UK most associated with men in the white population. Sexual predators have been protected before, causing national scandals and shame within Christian denominations. Serious efforts have, centuries late, been made within Christianity to correct the appalling abuse of the young, both male and female by teachers and clerics and nuns. These terrible crimes are a result of the evil instincts which inhabit humankind. One of the reasons they got away with it for so long is due to protected groups operating under their own supervisory authorities. In a nation for so long long under clerical rule like Ireland, the abuse became almost institutionalised with cover-ups becoming part of the state and church at the highest levels. Wherever authority reaches levels of control that cannot be easily challenged then violent sexual abuse seems almost certain. Mankind has a streak of malignancy which feeds upon vulnerability. That Political Correctness would be used in the same manner, to protect sexual predators should I suppose not shock us. This instinct to cover up and excuse is an ugly human reflex. The tick box, rule bound, I know all kind of statutory law birthed into Political Correctness, Hate, Equality and Diversity legislation provided the perfect cover for a prolonged scandal that should have been met head on twenty years previously.

The sex scandals which first came to prominence in Rochdale and Rotherham are a little different, because this time the cover up was not by a group protecting their own. It was the law which conspired to ensure that prosecutions were rare and those raising the alarm were silenced. I have no evidence to suggest Mosques in this country any more than Churches teach that a class or group of women are authorised targets of men wanting sex outside marriage. But something was wrong and these cases began to be linked to that of culture. If a culture was prepared to condone this trade then the problem became slightly different, how to prosecute cases without seeming as if a culture was being attacked. How to avoid being accused of Islamophobia and racism?

Eventually the problem became too large to contain because the grim stories kept on coming. It was like an epidemic. In 2018, an investigation revealed that the Telford grooming gang had 1,000 girl victims. The crimes involved trafficking, drugging, beatings, rapes and even murder. The scale of these crimes went off the chart. Douglas Murray has said of this that most people in positions of authority in this country never wanted stories like these to see the light of day. With regard to these crimes the former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw made some allowance for the role played by followers of Islam: denying any religious link while admitting a cultural problem. He admitted some Muslim men think of these girls as white trash and easy meat but refused to lay the blame with religion. These remarks were made on the Daily Politics programme in March 2018.

I think the its a cultural problem remark is a smokescreen behind which all kinds of problems have arisen. Pakistan’s culture is formed almost entirely by its religion which is Islam. Pakistan’s very existence was brought about by the cause of Islam. It is an Islamic state; to deny its culture is not a result of its religion would be like saying the culture of Tudor England was not shaped by Christianity. It was not just a religious dimension, it was the fundamental cause. Religion is not confined to mosques or churches or synagogues or temples; faith on this scale creates cultures. Jack Straw’s flimsy apologetic on behalf of Islam would not I believe survive examination by a historian. He appeared on this TV programme with another person concerned with these subjects: Nazir Afzal. He was one of the few to take on the issue of these gangs of sexual predators and prosecute the guilty. Nazir Afzal is a Muslim, and thank God for him, a good and courageous man who must have found it difficult to say what he did about fellow Muslims. He readily acknowledges that his cultural heritage played a part in getting convictions. He reopened a case against the gang of Asian men that groomed young girls for sex and suggested being an Asian made it easier to do so. He added that over sensitivity to political correctness hampered justice being done, claiming his Pakistani heritage helped. If he had failed to stand up to the politically correct dogma that seemed to rule over the ability to convict then these men may have got away with it all. Political Correctness ensured that the thousands of girls groomed into sexual slavery were kept in that condition for years. The brave few in the police and child care hammering away at their superiors, were silenced by a ruling elite, maybe including the CPS, who until the advent of Nazir Afzal had failed to act. It took a man of moral courage who could not easily be accused of racism or Islamophobia to take up the cause of these girls. Most of whom are now young women burdened with memories that can never be erased.

The following is a documentary about a police operation in Telford. It is traumatic to watch made more so when you realise that many police and other authorities failed to act, sometimes for more than a decade, you begin to understand that the guilt extents far beyond the rapists. This was an institutional cover up in the cause of maintaining social harmony. Telford police seem to have acted as should be expected in a law abiding society.



While the above is good work, it is at least a decade late for some police forces and the political elites still give the impression of  having failed to get the point.  It may never have occurred to our governing classes that we have to face an imported problem. I mean by that we invited, left the door open for decade upon decade to those of a culture who see females as lower than the males. A culture having no moral or religious code that puts an effective brake on either their lusts or their sense, if any, of right and wrong. Males, no doubt a small depraved, criminal minority of the Pakistani immigrant population, seem to feel entitled to traffic and violate children they designate as “white trash”. Doing this to serve their dual  interests in sex and money. They make a business mixed with pleasure out of enticing poor white girls, through drugs and drink, and then by grooming, threats, rapes, enslavement, sell them into lives of unimaginable terror and humiliation. That is bad enough on one side, but perhaps even worse they have been protected from the upholders of the law, by the law. Protecting minorities from race crime and Islamophobia while also protecting  the law breakers, who come from these same minorities. How perverse is that? What kind of insanity is this? We shield some of the worst of humanity from our laws which once worked, at least in theory, without fear or favour against any perpetrator: white or black, high reputation or low, saint or sinner. Only the scale of these crimes has forced the police and CPS to act. This is the madness of hate crime legislation which has shielded the guilty and left the innocent to be violated long term and under the noses of those whose work is to protect. This is a type of racism that cannot be acknowledged: black on white. We have created a worldview which is blind to the truth, colour blind. A view that will not, cannot cope with these appalling injustices because it turns political correctness on its head. If these men had not felt a sense of invulnerability due to political correctness making it difficult to look at any minority for fear of repercussions, then it would have been simpler to act in defence of the innocent. The establishment should hang its head in shame. They created this evil protective blanket under which depraved gangs could act with something close to immunity. Parliamentary groups spent a great deal of time investigating the cover ups by councils and police. That’s corruption on a huge scale. Who has been prosecuted, how many senior figure have lost their jobs and gold plated pensions? I have not heard of anything beyond some resignations. Its going to take a figure of the stature of William Wilberforce to change and fully expose the culture which has permitted this to happen. God speed his or her’s coming to the forefront of politics.

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